In my opinion, there are two types of people in this world. One who belongs to the mass and the other one belongs to the class. Most of the people belong to the mass and few people belong to the class. Those who belong to mass have no identity of themselves. They just follow others. They are basically sheep of a herd. They have no opinion of their own. They made opinions on the basis of the opinions of other people. I am not saying that you shouldn’t listen to other people, but you shouldn’t follow them and their opinions blindly. You should have your own thinking.

You lose your identity and originality when you change yourself to become what you are actually not. You become part of mass when you do so.

So, what is this class? For being in class doesn’t mean that you should have money, wealth, luxurious house, cars, lavish lifestyle, etc.

For me, class means how kind, loving and caring you are, how you treat women, elders, and animals, how your language is, how good you are to other people and how you deal with others when they treat you badly.

To be in class, you don’t need to do anything weird to look different from others. To be in class doesn’t mean that you detach yourself from other people, stop socializing and start living alone to look different. You can be normal to be in a class.

If a woman, an elder or anyone else is standing in a train or bus and a person gives his or her seat to them, he or she is a person of class for me. It shows how kind, loving and caring, he or she is. It makes them different from others.

Always have a class. Don’t be a part of the mass. Don’t become sheep of a herd. No matter how small your help is, it is an act of a class. No matter how bad other treat you but you don’t fall to their level is an act of a class.

I have no interest in becoming part of the crowd. I just want to be in CLASS.

Have a class.

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