I am suffocating

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Something is killing me inside

I want to escape

but I can’t

I want to share my feelings

but no one is there

with whom I can share

what I feel

This feeling is bad

Waiting for someone

to come

and rescue me

I am suffocating

7 thoughts on “I am suffocating

  1. Oh glad you wrote it down here. Now you have your self for help, just look in the mirror to pour down your deep feelings. I do write my pains into a motivational speech to myself and as life lessons in blogging world. Wish you are out from suffocation and get some peace ✨

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  2. You are your sole rescuer, don’t wait. Take charge. If something thing has to change, first we have to change. As they say nothing will change until we change. If I’m wrong plz ignore this. Changing ourselves is better than suffering. Plz take care 💛💚💙


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