Do you believe in destiny? I believe in destiny. Believing in destiny doesn’t make you orthodox. Believe it or not, destiny plays an important role in life. Have you seen someone who is intelligent and talented but doesn’t get a job while the other one who is poor or just average in studies get a fine job? It may possible that the person who is intelligent might not have worked hard and the person who is poor or average in studies might have worked hard. Hard work is important, but sometimes even hard work doesn’t help, you need some luck. You might have seen someone who is intelligent, talented and even works hard, but doesn’t become successful in life. Why does it happen? It is called destiny.

What are the chances of meeting someone in a small city? You will say it can happen. What are the chances of meeting someone in a big city? You will say it is also possible, but the probability is less than meeting someone in a small city. What are the chances of meeting someone in a country when you are in a different state? The probability is now even less. What are the chances of meeting someone in a different country? It seems almost impossible, but if you are destined to meet someone, he or she will meet you in an unexpected way.

Have you ever thought about how two persons meet? The two persons might leave their respective places at the same time or different time, might take different routes, might use different vehicles or transport and might stop in midway but if they are destined to meet each other, they will come across. It might happen that they cross each other without seeing each other. A difference of a fraction of a second can prevent them from meeting each other.

In my opinion, marriage is also related with destiny. With whom you will get married is also pre destined. You may plan that I will marry him or her, but everything might not go with the plan. People change, circumstances change, feelings change, ways of thinking change and you might have to marry some other person. Isn’t this destiny?

Sometimes, I feel that everything is destined and we are just playing roles to reach our predestined conclusion.

Destiny exists.

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