Things that irritate me

We all get irritated by some things. There are many things that irritate me.

1. The thing which irritates me the most is that when someone keeps asking me again and again to do something. My family irritates me the most in this way. They keep asking me again and again to do various things. For example, they keep asking me to wear a sweater again and again. I know it is cold, I know I have to wear a sweater, but don’t irritate me by asking me again and again to do this. I know they love me and care about me, but they don’t understand such behavior irritates me.

2. I get irritated when someone wakes me up from sleep. It is more irritating when someone just wakes me up when I just fall asleep. I don’t like whether it is a person or ring of a phone ruin my sleep. I have a problem that I can’t easily sleep like many people who fall asleep at their will.  For persons like me who have a problem with sleeping, we know the importance of sleep. I want to wake up when I feel that I have slept enough. To get up early in the morning for the job, especially in winter irritates me big time. I wish I had a job in which I could work from home and could work when I like to work.

3. I get irritated when people talk when I am sleeping. If you want to talk, just go to some other place and talk how much you want to talk but let me sleep peacefully.

4. I can’t sleep when the lights are on. It feels like I am sleeping in the sunlight when lights are on. I like the darkness. It irritates me when I have to sleep when the lights are on.

5. I can’t sleep when the TV is on or some sound is coming to my ears. I need pin drop silence when I sleep.

6. I have a hard time sleeping when someone snores. It irritates me when someone snores.

7. Oh God, this post is becoming a sleepy post. Are you sleeping? I hope that I am not irritating you, am I? I promise this is the last point related to sleep. It irritates me when people set the alarm to wake up, but it keeps ringing and they don’t turn it off. Everyone else wakes up except the person who sets the alarm. Even the neighbors wake up because of alarm, but that person doesn’t give a damn. Why did you set the alarm if you didn’t want to wake up? Did you take the money to irritate me?

8. It irritates me when someone talks to me, but at the same time, he is busy on his phone. Yes, it irritates me big time. When a friend does this, I clearly tell him either to talk to me or talk to the phone. I am very clear, you can be friend with me or with your phone. There can’t be a triangle. Keep the damn phone out of this, it is a villain in between us.

9. If someone is talking on the phone or busy on his or her phone while eating food, it irritates me. Why have you brought the phone with you on the table? Has it come with you to have dinner? Seems like this phone has come with you to the dinner table to eat my mind.

10. I get irritated with people who show off. Such people try to show off everything that they have. They try to show off their phone like no one else has a phone in this world. Don’t try to show off your phone, someone will steal it. They try to show off their English like no one else knows English in this world. Don’t try to show off your English, many people can speak English far better than you.

11. Males who tease women, pass lewd comments on them and talk nonsense about them irritates me.

12. Attention seeker females who do unnecessary things just to gain attention irritates me.

13. I have OCD. I don’t like messy, disorganized and cluttered things.

14. I don’t like dirty places.

15. Unhygienic people irritate me. Seems like such people have taken a pledge to save all the water on the planet.

16. I don’t like food cooked in an unhygienic way and place. 

17. I get irritated when someone messes up with my stuff. I don’t like it when someone touches my things. You can’t be my friend if you mess up with my things. I am very possessive about my things. I want my stuff organized and in the way it is. I don’t like my stuff get disturbed by anyone.

18. It irritates me when someone gives me time and doesn’t come on time and keep me waiting. What do you think? I have no work to do except waiting for you. My friends tested my patience many times by keeping me waiting, but you have to tolerate such idiots because, in the end, they are your friends. Sometimes when I don’t wait at all, they just appear from nowhere like Mr. India. Friends are friends.

Don’t irritate me.

14 thoughts on “Things that irritate me

  1. Hey Manoj! Glad someone is there like me 😂😂😂. i totally understood your feeling☺️ the sleeping part, i hardly have a deep sleep for 4 hrs and people and animals on my street trained themself to bark and fight exactly when i go deep sleep 🙄 sigh.. all the other disturbance to Sleep will get used to it when u get married i hope 😜 point 9 u might kill me, i do that a lot, i sometime feel my book is more important than ur useless talk about other people 😋🤪 i support most of points 🤗 i dont have friends and i dont wait for one, but i know how that felt after getting married 😜✨🤗

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  2. I love everything about this post. And I can’t sleep when the tv is on either, or any noise for that matter. I know how you feel. I promise if we ever hang out, there’ll be no buying food from street carts. lol


  3. Haha. Yeah, when people come up and start a conversation but stay on their phones the whole time is very irritating. I mean, some things can be multi-tasked but those are not two of them. Either talk or look at the phone- not both. It’s very rude. And yes, sleep is so precious. Any interruption is atrocious. Great post!


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