Life is unpredictable

Life is unpredictable. You never know what will happen to you or your loved ones the next moment. You plan too many things for the future, but the fact is that the future is uncertain. In one moment, your life might change forever. Your thinking might change forever. Your way of looking at life might … More Life is unpredictable

RIP Irrfan Khan

I am feeling very bad today. I am sad about the untimely death of Irrfan Khan. He is one of my favorite actors. He was an exceptional and outstanding actor. His acting was superb. His expressions were unmatchable. His eyes talked. His voice was unique. His comic timing was superb. He was very different from … More RIP Irrfan Khan

Heart or mind?

I am sure you might have come across a situation in which you think, whether you should go with your heart or mind. Decisions are an inevitable part of life. You have to make a decision about everything in life. Most of the time you use your mind when you make a decision, especially decisions … More Heart or mind?

I love movies

Who doesn’t like movies? I think, there are very few people who don’t like movies, but this is not the case with me, I love movies. Though I love movies, I have watched only a few movies in the last 7-8 years which I can count on fingers. I know, it is contradictory to what … More I love movies

Blogging ethics

It is very important to be ethical in life. People respect those who follow moral principles. Like real life, you must also follow some ethics in blogging also because it makes you more respectable and reliable among other bloggers. There are a few blogging ethics you must follow which are as follows 1. Never plagiarize … More Blogging ethics