Strange thing

Today I am going to tell you about a strange thing which keeps happening in my life. One day Katrina Kaif came to my dream. For your information, Katrina Kaif is one of my favorite actresses in looks. She is beautiful, isn’t she? No, I am not threatening you to agree with me. What was she doing in my dream? She was just talking to me. I was overwhelmed. What did she say? I have forgotten, damn. I wish I could remember what she said to me. Why can’t we remember our dreams? Why do we remember dreams only in bits and pieces? I like her, maybe this is the reason why I had a dream of her. That is enough of Katrina Kaif for today. Let’s back to the strange thing. The very next day I turned on the TV in the morning to listen to music. I have a habit of listening to music in the morning whenever I stay at home. I don’t watch any serials, movies or news in the morning. I just listen to music. So, when I switch to the first music channel, the very first thing I saw on TV was Katrina Kaif. I know what you all are thinking. Katrina Kaif, again? There was a song ‘Kudi Nu Nachne De’ playing, in which there are 8 actresses. It might have been possible that there might have been any other actress on TV if I turned on the TV a few minutes earlier or later, but I turned on the TV at the very moment when Katrina Kaif was on TV. Some of you might be thinking what’s the big deal, it might be a coincidence and what is the strange thing in it. I will tell you about this strange thing later.

Let’s move on to the second incident. I was going through the feed on my twitter account. I retweeted a Sher (couplet/verse) of Nida Fazli. This was the Sher

होश वालों को ख़बर क्या बे-ख़ुदी क्या चीज़ है
इश्क़ कीजे फिर समझिए ज़िंदगी क्या चीज़ है

You won’t believe the very next day when I turned on the TV and going through the music channels, on one channel, the song ‘Hosh walon ko khabar kya’ from the movie Sarfarosh was playing which is actually a Ghazal (lyrical poem). Isn’t that strange? No, you aren’t convinced? Let me tell you about the third incident.

The third incident is that I set a wallpaper on my phone which was a beautiful wallpaper. It was a wallpaper of two hands. One hand was of a female and another hand was of a male. The female hand was on top of male’s hand. A ring was there in one finger of the female. The next day, I was going through my feed on WordPress. I was reading a blog which was actually a review of a book named ‘Cross Connection’ by Preety Praveen. The book cover has a photo which was almost similar to the wallpaper which I set on my phone. It has two hands, one of female and one of male and female’s hand was lying on the top of the male’s hand. A ring was also in the female’s finger. You can see it in this collage. The left one is the wallpaper I set on the phone and the right one is the book cover. Isn’t this strange?

Let me tell you one more incident. This is the latest one. This incident is of today. I was reading a blog and suddenly I lost in my thoughts. I start thinking about creating a new blog post. I was thinking of a sentence that includes the word ‘Exploding’. Again, when I started reading the blog which I was reading, I came across the word ‘Exploding’. Can you believe it? Isn’t this strange?

These incidents are just a few incidents that happened recently. I have forgotten many other such incidents which happened to me.

I remembered I saw a TV program in which it was said that things are happening around you, you just need to pay attention. Most people don’t notice these things. Many things which you desire or like the most keeps appearing in front of you, directly or indirectly, but you don’t pay attention. It can be anything like people, things, pictures, words, digits, colors, etc.

So, next time something like this happens to you, you can share your story here.

I feel that universe is trying to say something.

8 thoughts on “Strange thing

  1. This has happened with me and my friend too. But it led us nowhere. We paid attention to this. At times, such incidences occured thrice in a day. But, we couldn’t conclude much from those signs nor did anything happen related to that later. Please do post if it gives any outcome in near future.


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