Psychological tactics

If I say I can use or manipulate you without letting you know that I am using or manipulating you, will you believe? You will say it is not possible, but it is possible using ‘Psychological tactics’. You will be amazed to know how it is used to make or force you to do something which you are unwilling to do.

Have you seen comedy shows in which a well-known person or celebrity made to sit among the audience? Have you thought about why he or she sits among the audience? What is his or her significance in the show? How can he or she help a show to become successful?

Just imagine, a comedian cracks a joke and the audience doesn’t laugh. What will people think about the comedian and the show? How will the show become popular if the audience doesn’t laugh and clap? How will channel get high TRPs? Here comes the role of that person who is made to sit among the audience by the channel. The answer is that role of that person is to influence and encourage people to follow his or her gestures. Channels use ‘Herd mentality’ as a psychological tactic to manipulate you. Channels know that most people have a tendency to follow the crowd. That celebrity laughs and claps even the comedian crack a bad joke because this is his or her actual work in the show. When that laughs and claps, it is certain that at least 1 or 2 people will imitate his or her gestures and that will encourage more people to imitate those gestures. It is like a chain reaction. The people who don’t like the joke and who are not laughing and clapping also start imitating others because they feel that they are looking odd among others if they don’t do what others are doing.

Many companies use these psychological tactics to manipulate you and make you buy something which you are either not willing to buy or less interested to buy. I am telling you Many companies use these psychological tactics to manipulate you and make you buy something which you are either not willing to buy or less interested to buy. I am telling you about one such tactic here. I am sure, you have noticed a price like 99 rupees (Indian currency), 999 rupees, etc. Why do companies set a price like this? There is a psychological reason behind this also. Let me ask you one thing. Between 99 and 100, which number is smaller? You will say, obviously 99. This is your answer also. When the companies set the price of products or services like this, it makes you think that this product or service is cheaper and you buy those products or services. There is also another reason behind setting such prices, which I will explain in my next blog.

Politicians also use these tactics to get the votes and support of the people. Many politicians focus on children and women to make a place in their families because they know that women and children can be easily manipulated. They know that if they can convince a woman, she can convince her family. Have you seen politicians shaking hands with people or meeting with children? Suppose, a politician shakes hands with you, what will you think about him or her? You will think ‘What a politician, he or she is?’ You will tell more people about it and those people will tell more people about it. Isn’t this great tactic to gain the support of people with just a handshake? Why do they do such acts? They do these things to portray themselves as caring, lovable and approachable. These psychological tactics make you emotionally weak and affect your decision-making ability.

Suppose a Prime Minister appreciate a celebrity though he or she doesn’t actually mean it. That celebrity obviously will respond with praise of Prime Minister and it will help that PM to get more support of the people because he or she knows very well that how many fans a celebrity usually has. More likely, those fans will also appreciate PM without thinking that PM didn’t actually mean what he or she said to that celebrity. These are a few psychological tactics politicians use to make themselves popular among people.

Use your brain.

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