Everyone wants privacy. How would you feel if someone keeps peeking in your bedroom day and night? How would you feel if someone keeps an eye on you day and night? What if someone keeps track of everything about you like your personal information, relationships, sexual orientation, interests, preferences, habits, etc.? You might not want others to know about what you are doing, what you are watching, with whom you are in a relationship, etc.

You share your personal information knowingly or unknowingly. You share your personal information on social media, websites, emails, chatting apps, etc. If you think privacy is not important, you are completely wrong. The information you share online can put you in big trouble. It can be used to scam, blackmail and manipulate you. Scammers and hackers keep looking for your personal information and banking and financial information. Even photos can be misused. Anyone can morph your photos and blackmail you. Anyone can put your photos on porn sites. You keep hearing news of cybercrimes and online frauds. Companies and websites use your online activity, interests, and preferences for target advertising. Many companies sell your private information to other companies to make money. Therefore, you must share only that is actually required. Everything you put online can be used against you.

You might have heard about Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and many other companies’ data breaches. Hackers use this stolen data to scam and blackmail you. Hackers also use various techniques to take control of your computer, and then they demand ransom to give you access to your files.

If you think you should be beware of only scammers and hackers, you are wrong then. You should be also beware of your government also. Governments of many countries keep track of people’s information and activity which is a threat to your privacy. They are snatching your privacy bit by bit directly or indirectly. You must oppose it to protect your right to privacy.

You might have heard of Edward Snowden, a whistleblower who revealed how America is doing mass surveillance of people of America. A single person took a stand against the whole country, for the sake of the privacy of people. He and many other people are fighting for your right to privacy. Now you might understand how important privacy is.

It is true that sometimes you have to provide information to use products and services, but you can always decide what you should share and what shouldn’t. You must provide only what is required. You must avoid sharing unnecessary information about you.

Always remember no one has the right to interfere with your privacy unless you are doing something illegal and against the laws of the country. If anyone tries to snatch your right to privacy, you must raise your voice and oppose it.

Privacy is your right.

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