As the world is fighting with the Novel Coronavirus, people are donating money to the government, NGOs and other people to help them fight against Novel Coronavirus. Many celebrities are also donating money. Many of them have disclosed the amount they have donated while many have kept it secret. The question is whether one should disclose the amount or not. Many argue in favor of it, saying that it will encourage others to donate while many oppose this show off, saying that it discourages people who want to contribute, but have a very little amount to give.

Suppose a person is very rich and has 500 crore rupees, and he has donated 50 crores rupees. On the other hand, a person is not so rich and living his life barely. He has a monthly income of 5000 rupees and has donated 500 rupees. Whose contribution is bigger? I am not underestimating anyone’s contribution, but, in my opinion, the contribution of 500 rupees is bigger. Let me explain. There will be no effect on the life of the person who has donated 50 crore rupees because he has more than enough money to live his life lavishly. It is like he has given one bucket of water from the ocean. On the other hand, the person who is earning just 5000 rupees has to run his family using this mere amount. He has to fulfill the basic needs, pay the bills, educate children, etc., with this small amount of 5000 rupees. He has donated 500 rupees despite 500 rupees is a big amount for him and his family.

When someone donates a big amount, and he reveals it, it discourages people who can’t donate a big amount. When they see someone is donating a big amount, they question themselves ‘Will the small contribution I want to make, matter to anyone and will it make any difference?’

Donation is like a gift. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, what matters is the love and intention behind it.

Never judge a donation because the amount which seems small to you might be a big thing for someone else.

No contribution is small.

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