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It is very important to be ethical in life. People respect those who follow moral principles. Like real life, you must also follow some ethics in blogging also because it makes you more respectable and reliable among other bloggers. There are a few blogging ethics you must follow which are as follows

1. Never plagiarize

It is one of the most important ethics. Never steal someone else’s content or idea and don’t pass it off as yours. It is called plagiarism. It is the worst thing you can do to any blogger. It takes a lot of effort and time to write a blog. You can’t just copy and paste someone else’s work and claim it yours. It’s unethical. You can read my blog ‘Plagiarism‘ to read more about it.

2. Always give credit

You must always give credit to the original blogger whenever you use someone’s content in your blog. My advice is that whenever you want to use someone’s content, first take the permission of the original creator because it might be possible that he or she doesn’t want that someone uses his or her content. So, it’s always a good practice to take permission from the original creator before using his or her content. If you don’t know about the original creator, mention the source from where you have taken the content.

The same thing applies to the images also. You must give credit to the original person whose image you are using in your blog. Also, in this case, in my opinion, you should take the permission of the original creator because he might be possible that he or she might not want you to use his or her image. There are many websites like which provide free stock images that you can use in your blog. The most popular ones are Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash. Even if you use images from these websites, in my opinion, you should either give credit to the person whose photos you are using or mention the source from where you have taken the image. In case you don’t know, WordPress has a free photo library from where you can use images in your blog.

Step 1

Add an image block to your blog post, then click on Media Library.

Step 2

Now, click on the image icon at the top left corner. It gives you three options. Click on free media library.

Step 3

Now search in the search bar whatever you want to search. Now select the image and click on ‘Copy to media library’. The image will appear in media library. Now can insert that image from the media library.

3. Always reply to the comments

Always reply to the comments which people make on your blog. If someone is spending his or her valuable time reading your blog, it is your responsibility to reply to him or her. If you have nothing to say, at least say thank you to him or her for reading your blog.

4. Don’t spam

Don’t comment on blogs for the sake of commenting. If you really like something and you want to say something, only then you should comment. Don’t spam other blogs for promoting your blog. Some people just use comments to promote their blogs. You can’t force someone to read your blog. Don’t send emails to people for promoting your blog and selling products.

5. Always tell your readers about paid promotional posts

You must always tell your readers about promotional posts for which you are being paid. Tell your readers about affiliate links. If you trick your readers to click on affiliate links without telling them about it, your readers will feel betrayed. It will make you unreliable among your readers.

6. Never endorse something which you haven’t used it

It is a bad practice if you endorse any product or service which you haven’t used it. If you tell your readers to use something which you haven’t used it, you are betraying them.

7. Always be honest with your readers

Always be honest in your blogs. Always be honest in your views and opinions. If you endorse or review something, always be honest with your readers. If you don’t like something, don’t lie to your readers.

8. Never like blog posts without reading them

It’s unethical if you blindly like posts without reading them. You are betraying the blogger and you are betraying yourself also. You are just trying to portray yourself as a reader when you are actually not. The other reason might be that you are just seeking the attention of others by blindly liking their blog posts. It will be better if you use your time and energy in something else which you enjoy doing instead of wasting your time in blogging. If you don’t read, don’t like it also. Period.

Hope you like the post.

Be ethical.

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