I love movies

Who doesn’t like movies? I think, there are very few people who don’t like movies, but this is not the case with me, I love movies. Though I love movies, I have watched only a few movies in the last 7-8 years which I can count on fingers. I know, it is contradictory to what I have said, but my life is full of contradictions. I was lost somewhere during these years, not literally, but I was lost in my own world. I wanted to watch movies, but I didn’t. You know, it happens. Sometimes you want to do something, but you didn’t do it.

Since last year, I have started watching movies. People make a resolution to reduce weight, become fit, leave bad habits, but I made a resolution to watch more and more movies. I know, you might be thinking who makes a resolution to watch movies. Yes, I accept that I am weird. I have watched very few movies in the theater. I don’t watch movies on mobile and computer because I don’t like watching movies on small screens. I watch movies on television only. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking about advertisements. I admit, the ads are a kind of interruption and breaks the flow of a movie, but you have to tolerate it if you want to watch the movie on TV.

I like movies very much. I don’t like any compromise while watching movies. I find it very irritating when someone makes me do something while I am watching a movie. I don’t like any interruption. I watch a movie from the very beginning until the very end. I have seen people who just skip songs or watch movies in bit and pieces to tell other people that they have watched the movies. These types of people lack patience. They don’t see movies for entertainment. They watch movies to tell others that they have watched the movies. But I don’t watch movies to tell others. I watch movies with full dedication. I don’t like skipping songs or watching a movie in bit and pieces. I like to watch the whole movie at once.

I like every type of movie. I like Hindi movies, South Indian movies & English movies. As a North Indian, I had a misconception that South Indian movies are just about action, but after watching a few movies this year, I have realized that South Indian movies are far better than Bollywood movies in script, emotions, comedy, action, and background music. The way South Indian filmmakers use emotions and background music are phenomenal. The best thing I like about South Indian movies is that they are not only entertaining but also teach good things. You can see it in dialogues in South Indian movies.

I like all types of movies like love stories, emotional, comedy, and action. I really like chase scenes in movies. I like movies in which there is some type of revenge is involved. I like the movies in which someone lost his or her love and takes revenge. You become emotional while watching such movies because you can feel the emotions. I wish I knew the art of film making, so I could make such a movie.

I know it might sound weird, but I want to watch all the critically acclaimed and popular movies and TV series before I die. I don’t watch movies and TV series for entertainment only. I learn about human emotions, behavior, and psychology also from movies. I learn life lessons from movies. I learn about relationships from movies. I enjoy watching the actions and reactions of characters in different situations. Every movie teaches me something about life. Movies give me a different perception of life.

I love movies.

2 thoughts on “I love movies

  1. I am a movie lover too! I agree with you on the south Indian cinema, some of the movies which I watched have superb music (which is lost from Bollywood now) and story. Great post!

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