Heart or mind?

I am sure you might have come across a situation in which you think, whether you should go with your heart or mind. Decisions are an inevitable part of life. You have to make a decision about everything in life. Most of the time you use your mind when you make a decision, especially decisions that are related to small or unimportant things. But, sometimes, you have to go with your heart, especially in decisions related to relationships or things which involve emotions. It becomes very hard to take a situation in such a situation. You find yourself unable to decide whether you should go with your heart or mind.

Going with your mind is an intelligent decision most of the time. You will be in profit most of the time when you use your mind. When you go with your heart, you make decisions in the influence of your emotions and you will be in loss most of the time as the heart is an emotional fool.

What I have experienced in life is that when you go with your mind, it is profitable for you most of the time. Though going with your mind is profitable, but it doesn’t give you satisfaction. You will be satisfied only when you go with your heart. I myself experienced this, many times in life. When I should have used my mind, I rather chose to go with my heart and it cost me. Though going with the heart cost me in life, it gave me satisfaction.

You start using your heart in decisions related to love, emotions, relationships, or things to which you feel attached. There is a constant fight that keeps going on between your heart and mind in such decisions. It is you who have to decide whether you want to go with your heart or with your mind.

Did you notice that I use ‘Most of the time’ whenever I say you will be in profit when you use your mind? It is not necessary that when you make a decision using your mind, it will always be profitable for you. Sometimes you make decisions using your mind, but you regret later that you should have gone with your heart. Believe me, sometimes, it bothers you the whole life. You keep questioning yourself why you didn’t go with your heart.

If you want satisfaction, always go with your heart.

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