What I am listening today

I watched Baahubali – The Beginning last Sunday. I know I am late or should I say very late. Yes, I am very behind many people. I haven’t watched many big and popular movies yet, but I promise I will catch up with you all soon.

So, I am listening to the song ‘Khoya hain’ from this movie. It’s a beautiful song. It is soothing. It is like a breeze. I like this type of song. You can listen to them again and again and you don’t get bored. I like long songs.

There is an English version of this song in Telugu and Tamil also. I like the Telugu version. Half song is in English and the half is in Telugu. The female part of this song is incredibly beautiful. Though the female part is in Telugu, you will love the voice and music. Music has no language. Listen to it, you will like it.

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