RIP Irrfan Khan

I am feeling very bad today. I am sad about the untimely death of Irrfan Khan. He is one of my favorite actors. He was an exceptional and outstanding actor. His acting was superb. His expressions were unmatchable. His eyes talked. His voice was unique. His comic timing was superb. He was very different from other actors.

He had cancer. He had been fighting with it for almost 2 years. His mother died on 25th of April. Irrfan Khan couldn’t attend her funeral because he was in the hospital. He must have a regret of not saying the last goodbye to her mother.

I am his fan since I saw Haasil. I always have great admiration for people who come from a humble background and achieve something and don’t forget their roots. He was one of them. I had two songs from Irrfan Khan’s movie Rog in an audio cassette. One song was ‘Maine dilse kaha’ and the other was ‘Khoobsurat hai wo itna’. I used to listen to these songs frequently on audio tape during my school days. ‘Maine dilse kaha’ is quite an emotional song. Its lyrics are beautiful and touching.

Irrfan, you will be missed.

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