Life is unpredictable

Life is unpredictable. You never know what will happen to you or your loved ones the next moment. You plan too many things for the future, but the fact is that the future is uncertain. In one moment, your life might change forever. Your thinking might change forever. Your way of looking at life might change forever.

Losing your loved ones is the biggest tragedy of life. Death is the ultimate truth of life. You can’t escape it. I can’t escape it. No one can’t escape it. One day you have to bear the pain of losing your loved ones. It is inevitable. When you lose your loved ones, it leaves a void that can’t be filled with anything.

If you want to say something to someone, say it now. It might happen that your words will remain unsaid. If you want to apologize to someone, apologize now. It might happen that you might regret later that you didn’t do it when you had the chance. If you want to propose someone, propose now. You might not get another chance again. There might be no tomorrow. Do it now.

It hurts forever when your dreams remain unfulfilled. Do what you want to do. There is only one life, better live it to the fullest. Live every moment.

Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.

Margaret Mitchell

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