As the world is fighting with the Novel Coronavirus, people are donating money to the government, NGOs and other people to help them fight against Novel Coronavirus. Many celebrities are also donating money. Many of them have disclosed the amount they have donated while many have kept it secret. The question is whether one should … More Donation


Everyone wants privacy. How would you feel if someone keeps peeking in your bedroom day and night? How would you feel if someone keeps an eye on you day and night? What if someone keeps track of everything about you like your personal information, relationships, sexual orientation, interests, preferences, habits, etc.? You might not want … More Privacy


Plagiarism can be defined as stealing someone else’s work and ideas and presenting it as your own. Plagiarism is done in many fields like writing, art, music, movies, etc. As a blogger, you know how much effort and time go in writing a single post. How would you feel if someone copies your work and … More Plagiarism

A lost friend

It is said that you can’t choose your parents, relatives, and neighbors, but you can always choose your friends. You have always a choice to choose with whom you want to have friendship and with whom not. Today, I am going to tell you about a friend who is no longer a friend of mine. … More A lost friend

My behavior

Behavior is the reflection of one’s personality and it tells what kind of person he or she is. As I am an introvert, I don’t talk too much. Another reason for my silence is my anger. As I am short-tempered, I avoid talking to people because I always have a fear of having a fight … More My behavior