I always believe that actors have an advantage over people from other professions. I don’t think a person from any other profession gets that much name and fame that an actor gets. I don’t want to underestimate or demean anyone. Every person does his work and contributes in his way, but the fact is that people from other professions don’t become that much popular as actors become.

Even a soldier who sacrifices his life for the country doesn’t get that much recognition. A doctor who does exceptional work might not become as popular among people as an actor becomes. People from different fields who are successful don’t get the same popularity which an actor gets. This is the reality. The one reason is that almost everyone loves and watches movies. The second reason for the popularity of actors is the wide reach and popularity cinema. The third reason is that the work of actors remains after their death also. They live through their movies, even after their death. The fourth reason is that actors get a chance to be on the screen while people from other professions rarely get a chance to be on screen. People remember the actors’ faces because of their on-screen presence. The fifth reason is the popularity of the profession of acting and the name and fame it gives to the person. This is why many people want to become an actor. No other profession can get you so much name and fame as acting can give you. The most important reason for the popularity of actors is that people connect and relate to the different characters that actors play on-screen and when people fall in love with a character, they ultimately start liking the actor who played the character. This is what makes them so popular among people.

Only singers and sports persons come closer to actors in name and fame as people also love music and sports. Singers live through their songs, even after their death. Though every sport may not be popular, people remember sports persons from popular sports most of the time.

Everyone knows about the money actors make. A normal person can’t earn the money by working the whole year that an actor can earn in just one movie or show. I am not saying that actors don’t work hard, but the money in the profession of acting is more than many other professions. Yes, many businessmen make more money than actors, but they don’t get the name and fame that an actor gets.

Actors live forever through their art.

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