I love Mr. Bean

Have you watched Mr. Bean? I am sure most of you have watched it. Whatever comic characters I have watched till now, I love the character of Mr. Bean the most. The character of Mr. Bean is played by British actor Rowan Atkinson. He deserves all the praise for portraying the character of Mr. Bean so brilliantly.

I heard a lot about Mr. Bean, but I hadn’t watched it until then. The first time I watched Mr. Bean when I was switching between the channels and accidently stuck on a channel on which it was telecasting. I saw this character and couldn’t take my eyes off this funny character.

The character of Mr. Bean is really very funny. I love his expressions and mannerisms. The little things he does make me laugh. I love the character of Mr. Bean because I feel very connected with his character. I relate to his character. I relate to his loneliness. He lives in his own world. He doesn’t care what is happening around. He enjoys his own company. When you are alone, you start to live in your own world.

I feel a sadness in his character. He lives alone. He has no one to love and share his feelings. The most touching thing is the way he treats his teddy bear. He sleeps with his teddy bear. He reads a comic with the teddy bear. He treats it like a real person. When you have no one with you, you get attached to things also. 

I feel connected with his character.

15 thoughts on “I love Mr. Bean

  1. I also love Mr. Bean so much and I think everyone does. Yes, he does treats his teddy bear like a real person and I think that it’s much better than having real fake persons surrounding you.🤗🤗


  2. I used to watch it when I was a kid, I love him he is so funny without even saying a word like Chaplin. Even though he is alone he find ways to keep himself entertained.


  3. Most of the people like Mr Bean because of his comedy but there is so much depth and other life lessons to learn from him. It is legendary.


    1. I agree that we can learn so much from his character. Indeed, it is a legendary show. The actor Rowan Atkinson is also a legend who makes this show so great with his tremendous acting.

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