So much to read

There are so many blogs that I am to read. I have bookmarked blogs on my phone and computer. There are 50 blogs on phone and 40 blogs on computer which I have bookmarked. It is certain that it will take time to read all those blogs, but I am determined to do it. When I read someone’s blog for the first time, most of the time I go to the very first blog. I keep scrolling down until I reach the very first blog. I have read blog posts that are even 7 to 8 years old. Though it is not possible to read every single blog post, I read every blog post whose title attracts me. When I read, I read seriously. I don’t do formality. I always believe that you can fool anyone, but you can never fool yourself. When you cheat, you know that you are cheating. To be honest with yourself is all that matters.

I myself saw many people liking my posts blindly. How do I know? When you read a blog post, it takes time. The time can vary from person to person according to their reading skill and pace, but it is not possible that someone can read 5 posts of decent length within 1 or 2 minutes. I caught many people doing so, but I won’t take their names. I don’t fear to lose them, but I don’t want to embarrass them.

Once I was reading someone’s blog on my computer. I was reading her blog posts. After some time, she came online starts liking my posts blindly. Within 1 minute, she liked many blog posts of mine and followed my blog. One blog post was very lengthy, she couldn’t have read it in even 10 minutes. I told her that I didn’t like the way she was liking my posts blindly without reading them. She got upset and undo all the likes she did. She unfollowed my blog as well. I don’t regret that I made her realize that she was doing wrong and I didn’t like it. Some people can’t face the truth. Sometimes, I feel that this straightforwardness caused me a lot of trouble in life, but this is the way I am.

The more you read, the more you gain

15 thoughts on “So much to read

  1. Not everyone takes that straight comments, I’m sure all people here has such readers and it was annoying when all of a sudden they like your post for nothing. World is not just with good people, we should be flexible with bad too, but we should not break because of their behaviour. Gud msg in d end! Keep reading… Don’t forget to read my stories too🤗


  2. I so agree with you. I dislike it when people blindly like posts without even reading and this has happened to me too many times that people have liked my lengthy posts within minutes of posting it. Its so clear that they haven’t read it. Don’t they realise that we are not dumb to not understand this?! But then its better to avoid them.


  3. It’s great knowing you spend your time on reading blogs till the first post!

    I’d like to contradict on a view here. Even I like many posts from a single blog continuously. It might appear for the blog’s owner that those are randomly clicked likes. But, that isn’t the case with me, atleast. I read few posts continuously, and like them finally at a stretch when I’m about to leave the blog.

    Different ways of handling stuff, you see!


  4. That is so prevalent on WordPress! And it is so annoying, there have been innumerable times that I have seen this, bloggers liking my posts all in one go, in less than 5 minutes. It irritates me to no extent. I don’t engage with these type of bloggers.
    Therefore, I don’t follow lot of blogs myself so that I can read each one properly.
    Great post, it needed to be said!!

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  5. It happens to everyone. What matters is that we should remain honest, we can’t control how others are behaving. Glad you like it. Thank you for reading and sharing your views.


  6. Sometimes, People like the post so that it shows up in the wordpress reader and they can read it in their free time without the need of searching for a good post to read.The people who are liking your posts blindly are the one who are probably doing it through the wordpress reader where it is easy to like many posts quickly.People just see the topic/title of the post and if it interests them, they like it to read later. Liking from the website still takes some effort to refresh pages. But you are right about the people who just do it out of courtesy or to increase followers.


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