Kabir Singh decoded

The last night I saw Kabir Singh. It is one of the biggest movies of 2019. It is a remake of Telugu movie ‘Arjun Reddy’. It became one of the highest-grossing movies. The reason behind its success may be the buzz and hype about it. The original Telugu movie was a big hit, so it may be a reason behind the success of Kabir Singh. Beautiful music may also be a reason. It is not necessary that everyone might have liked a movie, which is a big hit.

It was a blockbuster, but I didn’t like Kabir Singh. I like Shahid Kapoor very much. He is one of my favorite actors. I like him, but it doesn’t mean I should like his every movie. I can’t say I liked the movie just because most people like it. I give honest opinions, whether other people like it or not.

I wasn’t going to write about it, but I thought that I should write about it as people follow their favorite actors and start imitating and act like their favorite characters in real life.

I didn’t like the characters, especially Shahid Kapoor’s character Kabir Singh. He has anger issues. He is a smoker and an alcoholic. He later becomes a drug addict too. He falls in love with Preeti (Kiara Advani). Both want to marry each other, but Preeti’s family doesn’t like Kabir and get her married to some other person of their choice. After Preeti’s marriage, he gets intimate with other girls. Later, Kabir comes across Preeti who is pregnant. He comes to know that she has left her husband and carrying his child. In the end, they both get married and live happily. There is a happy ending in the end.

I didn’t like Preeti’s character too. She was treated like an object by Kabir, and she let him do that.

I always believe that anything can happen in a movie, but life is not a movie. It’s a bloody life. Such things rarely happen in real life. How many of the girls fall in the love with such a guy who is a smoker, alcoholic, and drug addict? How many girls break the marriage to marry again with the same person who didn’t act responsibly when he should have? Had the character of Shahid Kapoor really loved Preeti, he wouldn’t have got intimate with other girls. I am not saying that he shouldn’t have moved on but there is a contradiction in his character. On one hand, he loves Preeti and wants her in his life despite knowing that she is married to some other person and on the other hand, he gets intimate with other girls but doesn’t want to love them or marry them too.

Many people will say, it’s just a movie, just chill. I know it is just a movie, but agree or disagree, movies influence people. Do you know that a person who was influenced by the character of Kabir Singh murdered a girl just because she was getting married to someone else? It’s just one case which came into limelight. There may be more cases like this that go unnoticed or don’t come in the limelight.

I liked the two characters in the movie. I liked the character of Kabir’s elder brother who was supportive and wanted to help him despite knowing his bad habits.

The character which I liked the most is the character of Kabir’s friend Shiva. He supported him without judging him. He supported him despite knowing about his bad habits. He told Kabir to stop his bad habits. He stands with Kabir in his bad phase of life. He even wanted to marry her sister with Kabir despite knowing about his love for Preeti and all bad habits. There should a friend like him in real life.

I didn’t like the movie, but I like the songs very much. Songs are beautiful. Lyrics and music are also beautiful.

Movies influence people.

5 thoughts on “Kabir Singh decoded

  1. It Was Nothing But Merely an adaptation of Evergreen novel Devdas. I Think There Was Nothing Dark In That Character. Infact Replace It With Shahrukh Khan’s Or Dilip Kumar’s Devdas. They all are Same. They Become addict Because Of Failure In Love. Another Girl Come In Their Lives Wether It’s Paro or The Actress In Kabir Singh. infact I Found Kabir Singh More Sophisticated Comparing To Others. He Was Honest With His Job. He Was Good at His Job. The Sexual Activities are Nothing But an Expression Of a Depressed Mind. Sex Is Different From Love. One Can Have Sex With Prostitute But Not Love Them. And as You Mentioned Someone Murdered a Girl Than It’s Funny That If Films Can Influence People So Much Then Why Can’t everyone Become good Because All The Heroes traditionally don’t have any grey shade. And What about Tik tokers. ? They Don’t Have Brains. It’s Nothing But a Fake Feminist View Of Looking at Things.


    1. It’s my personal opinion. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. There’s a difference between love and lust. A relationship can’t survive without loyalty. Everyone can’t be bad as everyone can’t be good. How do you know that people don’t learn anything good from movies? The only difference between good and bad things is that bad things get highlighted easily while good things don’t. So don’t assume that people don’t learn anything good from movies. I am a fake feminist for you, but I can say only that it’s your perception and I can’t change it. Thank you for sharing your views and reading.

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  2. Haven’t seen the movie till now but never liked the concept and trailer when I saw it. When it was released saw many comments regarding the character and how dumb the girl was to fall in love with a man with terrible anger issues, a drug addict and treating her like an object of no value and she agreeing to all that. Though the songs appealed to me I’m not planning to see the movie any which ways. And oh not to forget the innumerable smooching scenes!


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