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Education plays an important role in life. It helps in evolving the thought process of a person. It helps a person in getting a job and earn a living. It helps a person in becoming independent. It helps a person in becoming a responsible citizen of a country. It helps a person in understanding his rights which is a very important thing. If you don’t know about your rights, you may be exploited.

If you look at the most developed countries, you will find education played a key role in the development of these countries.

I always believe that education is one thing that can change the life of a person, especially the lives of girls and underprivileged children. When an underprivileged child gets educated, he can get a job and become financially independent. When he becomes independent, he can uplift his family. Education helps in getting out of poverty and becoming financially stable.

Education is very important for girls. When you educate a girl, you educate a whole family. When a girl is educated, she becomes independent. She knows about her rights. She can better handle her health. She can better raise her children. She can decide what is right and what is wrong for her.

I have experienced in life, how important education is in life. When I go to the bank, I find many people who can’t even fill the bank slips for depositing and withdrawing money because they are not educated. Many times, I have filled their slips. I have seen many people who don’t know how to operate an ATM. I feel very bad for them. Due to a lack of knowledge about basic things and their rights, many people take advantage of them and exploit them. In day to day work, education comes handy.

Education is a must in today’s world. In everything, technology is being used. It is very hard for an illiterate person to survive in this world. In my opinion, education must be free, at least in schools so that every child gets a minimum education.

Education can change the life of a person.

9 thoughts on “Education

  1. Education can change lot of things, I wish all the education system in our country to be common and futuristic. When they are going to realise no use of single jingle bells to kids nowadays! They are very mature. Wonderful post Manoj, Education is truly important and I believe it is time for change.


  2. If you can filter out all the disinformation growing by leaps and bounds. Real education is preparatory to future careers, but also encourages the young to realize things for themselves, not indoctrinate.

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  3. Hi, your blog has interesting content and adequate layout. Kindly, view my blogs and comment if they need improvement.


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