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To have a home of your own is a blessing. To have a roof over your head is a blessing. A home is a place where you feel yourself. It is a place where you can be you. I always believe that home is not just a place, it is a feeling.

Food, clean water, clothes, and shelter are basic necessities in life. To survive in this world, you need the money and, for that, you should have a work from which you can earn money and fulfill your needs.

Unfortunately, everyone is not so fortunate. Millions of people are homeless in the world. They have no place to live. They have no food, clothes, water, and money. They just roam here and there to survive. Some live on footpaths, some live on roadsides, some live at railway stations, some live at bus stands and some live wherever they get a place to sleep. Any place where they can stay and sleep becomes their home.

Home is one place where you feel safe, but homeless people have to live in those places where anything can happen to them.

In summer, when you live in ACs and coolers, homeless people are bound to bear scorching heat. In winter, when you sleep in your cozy blankets and quilts, they shiver in open in bone-chilling weather. In the rainy season, when you enjoy the rain from your windows and balconies, they run here and there to find a place to protect themselves from the rain.

When you are busy finding faults in food and showing tantrums to your mother, homeless people are just thinking about ways to get food to eat. There is no certainty whether they will get to eat or not. Many times, they have to eat food which is dumped in dustbins by people, hotels and restaurants. Many times, they have to sleep empty stomach.

When you have no place to live, it affects your health also. They get physically weak due to a lack of proper food and sleep. Fear, uncertainty and stress break them mentally also.

If you want to give up, just see a homeless person who is fighting with life every day.

14 thoughts on “Homeless

  1. Well done Manoj! People that complains everyday with everything around should read such posts and should realise they should be grateful for what they have! I think the same… Well done! Have a wonderful day Manoj!


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