This is my 200th post. It feels like yesterday I created this blog and started blogging. Time is flying so fast. I never thought that I would come this far. I want to thank all the readers for your support and appreciation.

The name is one thing that will live forever, even after you die if you do something meaningful in life. I didn’t want huge money. I didn’t want a big house. I didn’t want cars. I just wanted to make my name. I didn’t want anything so badly in my life, but I failed miserably in my life. I am still trying, but it seems very unlikely to happen now.

This blog is all that I have. I can proudly say this thing is mine. I hope that after I die my words will remain in this world if WordPress doesn’t delete my blog.

If you want to create your name in this world. I have a few tips for you. You may be wondering, look who’s giving tips, who himself failed in life. The first point is your answer.

1. Learn from the mistakes of others.

If you wait to learn from your own mistakes, you will run out of time. Life is very short. Time flies. You won’t realize how life slipped out of your hands.

2. Never waste time

Time is the most precious thing in life. You can get everything back except time. Once time has gone, it doesn’t come again. Once time has gone, you can’t do anything except regret. Don’t waste your life on useless things.

3. Work hard

There is no substitute for hard work. Give your 100 percent and leave everything else to fate.

4. Be honest

Be honest, whatever you do. If you get something by cheating, it will haunt you for the rest of your life. I give you a real-life example. Have you heard about the ‘Tour de France’? It is a men’s bicycle race. It is considered one of the most prestigious and difficult bicycle races in the world. I am sure you have heard about Lance Armstrong. He was considered a legend. He won seven consecutive Tour de France races. Later, it is discovered that he used performance-enhancing drugs to win races. He also accepted that he did doping. Later all his titles stripped off. The moral of the story is that be honest in whatever you are doing. Don’t use shortcuts. Who knows, Lance Armstrong would have won all the 7 races even without drugs.

5. Achieve as early as possible

Whatever you want to achieve, achieve as early as possible. In my opinion, whatever you want to achieve, achieve it before 30 so that you can enjoy it. I believe that 16-30 is the age to create yourself. It is the age when you have the zeal to achieve something. With age, your zeal also starts diminishing. It’s not that people don’t succeed and achieve things after 30, but it is best if you achieve it as early as possible so that you can enjoy it more.

Time is flying, rush.

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