Switched to a new WordPress theme

I don’t like change very much, but sometimes you have to move on. I have switched to a new WordPress theme. If you see any change in my blog, don’t think that you have landed on some other blog. I have been thinking for a long time to change the theme of my blog, but couldn’t find one. From the last 2-3 days, I have been trying various themes to decide the theme for my blog. I was really confused. I wanted a theme that was similar to the previous theme. I wanted a simple, sober, elegant, and beautiful theme. I wanted a theme that has a light color combination. I wanted a traditional menu bar and a right-hand sidebar. I wanted a responsive theme that can adjust itself to different screen sizes.

The previous theme was good, but I didn’t like the block letters used for titles. I also didn’t like the color used in links in the content and texts on the sidebar. I am very particular about things.

The name of the theme which I have chosen is ‘Gateway’. It is a free theme. It is simple and beautiful.

I will wait for your comments on whether you liked it or not.

Change is always difficult.

11 thoughts on “Switched to a new WordPress theme

  1. Your current theme as I saw its good😊 Except the red colour 😜 I’m not a fan of red 😂. But the theme is really good, you should check out to customize this to make it look even more attractive.


  2. Aaww I LOVE the red in your blog!! Its my favourite here, and I try to use as much of the colour as possible.
    Change may make us feel apprehensive but it is for the best :))🤗


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