How to choose a WordPress theme

A theme is a very important thing for a website. If you think only content matters, you are wrong then. A theme plays an important role in your website. If your content is very good, but people can’t read your content or access or navigate through your website properly, there is no use of content then.

In this post, I will tell you about the things which you should look for while choosing a WordPress theme for your blog.

1. Responsive theme

The first thing you should see in a theme is whether it is a responsive theme or not. A responsive theme can adjust itself according to the screen size. People access your blog from computers, tablets, and mobiles, so your blog theme should be a responsive theme that can adjust itself according to the screen of the device. Nowadays, more people access your blog from their mobiles, so it’s very important that your blog theme adapts to the mobile screen. A responsive theme helps in the ranking of your blog in search engines.  

You can check your theme how it will look on different devices.

Always keep in mind that a free theme doesn’t mean that it is bad as compared to premium themes. People have a misconception that a premium theme is always better than a free theme. It is a completely wrong notion. Price and plans don’t make a theme better, it is the coding that makes a theme better.

2. Customizable

You should also see whether you can customize a theme or not. Customizable options in a theme may differ from theme to theme. A theme can have fewer or more options as compared to other themes.

3. Loading time

The loading time of a blog is also very important because it makes your blog efficient and helps in ranking in search engines. You can check your blog efficiency using Google Page Insights. The advantage of a free theme is that you can determine the performance of your blog by applying it on your blog while in the case of the premium theme you can’t do that before purchasing it. First apply the theme on your blog and then go to the link and paste your blog address, it will give your blog a score based on the performance of your blog. It will give you a score for both computer and mobile. Let me clear that it is not just a score for the theme, it is the score for your blog with content. So, it might be possible that the theme may be good, but your content is responsible for the low score. A lot of multimedia content affects your page load time. A score might not reflect the actual performance of the theme, but it can give you an idea about the performance of your blog.

4. Design

Design is also important while choosing a theme. When people come to your blog, they first interact with your design of the blog, then with the content. If the design of your blog is messy and complicated, visitors may leave your blog without reading your content. This is why design is also important. Things which you should look in a theme are as follows

Clean and user-friendly interface

When a visitor visits your blog, the first thing he will see the design of your blog. If the design of your blog is messy and complicated, it is not a thing for your blog. People may leave without reading your content. The design of your blog should be user friendly.

a. Menu

A menu is very important for navigating through your blog. If visitors can’t navigate properly and can’t find a thing which he is looking for, it is a sign of a bad theme. In some themes, visitors can’t even find a menu.

b. Sidebars

Sidebars are a great way for users to interact with your blog. I personally like sidebars because you can place different widgets on the sidebars that help users to interact with your blog. You can place widgets for users to follow your blog and email subscriptions. You can place social media icons. You can place widgets for top posts and pages so that your users can easily read your popular posts and pages. You can place widgets for categories, tags, etc.

c. Excerpt support

An excerpt is a short summary of your post. You should always choose a theme that supports excerpts. If your theme doesn’t support excerpt, it will increase the loading time of your blog because full posts will load when someone accesses your blog page.

d. Color combination

You should choose a color combination for the theme which is good for the eyes. A dark text color against a light background is a good choice. There should be a color contrast between your text and background so that content can be read easily. If the color combination is not right, it makes the content unreadable.

If you don’t like the by default color combination of the theme, don’t think that it is the only color combination available. There is an option Colors & Backgrounds from which you can change the color combinations for your theme.

e. Text

Text is also very important. The text of your content should be of proper size. It shouldn’t be very small or large. Don’t write the whole content in block letters. Block letters make the content hard to read. Some themes by default support block letters for content and you can’t change it, don’t choose such themes. Don’t use highly calligraphic fonts for titles and content. It also makes the content hard to read. If readers can’t read your content, they will leave your blog immediately.

A right theme can enhance your blog. Always think before choosing a theme. I hope you like the post. Feel free to ask if you have any queries, I will try my best to answer your queries.

A right theme can enhance your blog.

5 thoughts on “How to choose a WordPress theme

  1. These are definitely important when choosing a theme. I think some themes are quite slow so that’s definitely something to look out for.


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