Nowadays, people have mistaken modernity for smoking, drinking, taking drugs, multiple relationships, adultery, abusing, and wearing minimal and indecent clothes. Now, people start smoking just because they think that they are looking very cool, but they don’t know they are just making themselves ill every day. They smoke just to look cool despite knowing very well that it causes cancer. Not only they have to suffer but also their families will have to suffer because of them.

Drinking is also bad for health. Consuming alcohol causes many diseases like liver cancer, liver failure, heart attack, stroke, brain damage, ulcer, etc. Some people argue that drinking in limited quantity is not harmful. It is like asking someone which is bad, one drop of poison or ten drops of poison. Every harmful thing has a bad effect on health eventually. Only time might differ. Drinking not only ruins a person, but also ruins the whole family.

Like smoking and drinking, taking drugs also make you ill. Mostly youth does that just to look cool. They don’t think what will be the consequences of this showing off. Only idiots can ruin themselves just for impressing others.

Nowadays, many people have multiple relationships. They betray their girlfriends and boyfriends. They have a misconception in their mind, if they have no multiple girlfriends or boyfriends, they will look like a fool.  Many people have relationships outside their marriage. They betray their wives and husbands. It ruins the whole family. Children are the ones who have to suffer the most because of these things. Loyalty is the base of any relationship. If you can’t be loyal to someone, that relationship will never work.

Abusing has also become a fashion. People especially youth thinks that using more cuss words makes them modern and they are looking cool. I have seen many people who use F word just to grab the attention of others. Some people are just copycats. They are actually senseless people who have no thinking of their own. They have a herd mentality. They do just what others are doing.

Clothes are meant to hide nudity. Wearing revealing and minimal clothes doesn’t make you modern. Modernity comes from your thinking, not clothes.

Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.

Saint Augustine

I am not in favour of forcing things on people. I always believe that you can’t force someone to do or not to do something. You shouldn’t force someone to do something. One can change himself or herself only by self realisation. Only self realisation can change someone.

Modernity doesn’t mean to lose your morality. Modernity doesn’t mean to fall into bad habits. Modernity doesn’t mean forgetting your values, culture, customs, and traditions. Modernity doesn’t mean to go naked or wear revealing clothes. You can be modern without leaving your values. You can be modern without leaving your culture, customs, and traditions. You can be modern with decent clothes also. You can leave bad things behind, but you can always carry good things forward.

Modernity doesn’t mean to lose your morality.

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