My bucket list

I have no big dreams, still I want to do a few things before I die. It is said that if you tell others what you want, you don’t get that thing or it becomes hard to get that thing. I myself have experienced it. What I learned that when you tell others about what you want in life, you lose the zeal and it affects your efforts to achieve that thing. I think I won’t be able to achieve a few things out of all these mentioned things. Still, I will tell you about my bucket list. So, here it is, my bucket list.

1. To create my name

This is top on my bucket list. I want to create my name. I know I am too late for this and may not be able to create my name ever, but I will still try. You can read my blog Name to know about it.

2. To have my own home

This is probably a single thing that I miss every day. I have a home or should I say I live in my parent’s home, the latter is better. There are so many restrictions on me here. I can’t do anything. I can’t even open windows and doors at my will. I have no liberty here. I feel like I am living in jail. I am a free bird, I want to fly. I wrote This can’t be my home on how I feel. I know I may not be able to build my home because I won’t be able afford it. Despite knowing that, I keep building my home in my mind. If not in reality, at least, I can build my home in imagination, can’t I?

3. To earn a decent amount of money

I don’t want to become the richest person on earth. But, I want to earn a decent amount of money so that I don’t have to look to others for money and I can fulfill my needs. In the past, I had to kill many desires because of a lack of money. I have experienced it in life, how it feels when you need something but you can’t have it because of lack of money.

4. To help someone in life

I want to help people in life so that when I die I won’t have any regret that I didn’t do anything for anyone in life. It is not that I haven’t done anything for anyone yet, but I want to do more.

5. To learn cooking

I want to learn cooking. Why should girls have all the fun? Just joking. I think cooking is one thing everyone should learn. Why should only women cook? Don’t men eat? When you know cooking, you don’t have to be dependent on others for food, you can cook your food. Cooking is very important because when you live alone or far from your home, you can cook your food if you know cooking.

6. To learn photography

I love to take photographs. I don’t want to become a professional photographer, but I want to learn photography basics so that I can take good photos. Everyone can take photos, but to take a good photo is art.

7. To see a sea view

I haven’t seen any sea yet. I want to see the sea. I want to sit beside the sea and feel the breeze and want to enjoy the sea waves. I want to see the vastness of the sea.

8. To plant a rose plant

I love roses. I think the rose is the most beautiful flower. I want to plant a rose plant. I planted a rose plant a few years ago, but it didn’t grow well. It was actually a foreign variety. I did want to buy an indigenous variety, but the seller didn’t have it, so I brought a foreign variety. But this time, I will plant an indigenous variety because it is the best.

9. Secret

10. Secret

I wanted to tell 9th and 10th wishes also, but I have had enough of embarrassment in life, I don’t want to embarrass myself more.

So, it was my bucket list. You can also share your bucket list, if you want to.

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