Father and daughter relationship

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Father and daughter relationship is special. A father treats her daughter like a doll. He tries his best to fulfill her wishes. He protects her like a shield. A father’s love for her daughter is immense. Even if he scolds her daughter, he scolds her for her good. A father knows, one day his daughter will leave him as she will get married to someone and go to another home. The most painful moment for a father is when her daughter leaves the home after her marriage. A father treats her daughter as a little girl, even after she becomes a mother or grandmother.

A father loves his daughter more and a mother loves her son more. Most of the girls want their husbands to be like their fathers and most of the boys want their wives to be like their mothers.

For a girl, her father is an idol. She wants her husband to be loving and caring like her father. A girl takes care of her father even after her marriage.

A relationship between a father and a daughter is pure and divine. The bond between a father and a daughter is unbreakable.

For a father, his daughter always remains a little girl.

9 thoughts on “Father and daughter relationship

  1. Ohh, that’s a great read! A father and daughter relationship is definitely unique and awesome! When I was young, I’m actually jealous to my younger sister’s relationship with our father.


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