I always payback

I usually don’t like to take any favor from anyone. It is because at some point in life some people make you count directly or indirectly what they have done for you. I tried my best not to take any favor from anyone, but sometimes you have to take favor in life whether you like it or not.

If someone has helped me with money or do some favor or help, I always payback. I never forget anyone and anything. It feels like a burden whenever I take some favor from someone. Until I payback, I feel burdened.

I never forget who helped in a tough time. I know who stood by me when I needed support. I always return a favor. It feels better when you payback because you are no longer remain under anyone’s obligation.

Whether it is something good or something bad, I always payback. I believe in tit for tat. Sometimes people take advantage of your decency and niceness. Your niceness shouldn’t become your weakness. Sometimes it is necessary to teach such people a lesson so that they think twice before doing such a thing again. You don’t need to fall to their level to teach them a lesson. You can teach a lesson by being nice also.

I don’t keep anything. I always payback.

11 thoughts on “I always payback

  1. Well said. I feel the same if anytime I have ever asked for financial help. Some people can mask being your friend in need in tough times and that feels good until they start showing their true colours. I’m glad for those who have without any expectations in return.

    Well written! 🌸

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