Why does a person commit suicide? When one feels that life is not worth living. When one doesn’t find any purpose in life. When one doesn’t get what he wanted in life. When one feels no one understands him. When one starts feeling lonely in this world. When the pain becomes unbearable, suicidal thoughts start coming and one commits suicide.

Most of the time, suicide is the buildup of all the pain and suffering in your life. Sometimes, it is just an instant decision. Sometimes, it just takes someone a few seconds to make a decision to commit suicide.

Many children commit suicide just because their parents scolded them. Many children commit suicide just because they failed or got low marks. You can’t end your life just because someone scolded you or you got low marks.

Many people say suicide is not a solution. It is easy to say, but the person who is suffering only knows what he is going through. Every story has two sides. We can’t judge someone by knowing only one side. We have to listen to his side also, then only we can say anything.

There’s a part of a Ghazal by Wakil Akhtar

वो जो मरने पे तुला है ‘अख़्तर’

उस ने जी कर भी तो देखा होगा

Wakil Akhtar

I tried to interpret it to my best knowledge. The meaning is that

The person who is so desperate to die
he would have tried living too

I have no intention to justify suicide, but the fact is that no one wants to die, it is the suffering, failure and pain that made someone to commit suicide. It is the depression and anxiety made someone to commit suicide.

Life is full of ups and downs. You have to be mentally strong to survive in this world.

Suicide can end your pain and suffering, but it gives endless pain and suffering to your family and dear ones for the rest of their lives.

Be strong and fight.

18 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. Yes, Be strong and fight – that is all. If death is an easy escape, don’t you think half of the population wouldn’t have done it already?
    The fat that is isn’t an option – people don’t.
    Agree with your statement: “but the fact is that no one wants to die, it is the suffering, failure, and pain that made someone commit suicide” – still I’d say – why?
    The answers to that are technical – but I’m not getting to that.
    We’ll all have our for’s and against to the topic. Let’s not get there.


  2. So true! Mental Health is still a taboo in India. People suffering from it are called crazy and others take it as bluff! It’s time we treat mental health equally as a normal cough or cold and start taking it seriously


  3. Well said! It is important to be aware that anxiety and depression is a medical condition and can be treated. But, as much as mental health is important, we should also try to avoid causing such situations.

    We never asked farmers to take mental health classes when many committed suicide due to their debts and helplessness. Recently a brilliant girl committed suicide as she didn’t have any facilities at home to attend online classes. I wonder what made her think that not attending a few classes would make her life miserable.

    People opt suicide when they feel helpless and when no one is there to offer a helping hand. It is important to be kind and considerate to everyone despite all the differences…. to know that it is OK to be different and not be in a way the society expects us to be…. to know that life can obstacles along the journey and failures are normal.

    I can never promise that I would never opt such a choice because I don’t know what life has ahead for me. But, like you said, I would try hard to live, seek help when in need, and face it as long as I can.

    Great article 🙂


  4. Yes I agree it is definitely difficult to understand what a person who is suicidal is going through. It is easy to give them advice but that advice may not be applicable to someone in that state. It is better to help them get professional help if possible and I really hope that the stigma around mental health decreases so people who are going through these things get the help they need.


  5. I had bad phases in my life where I felt that I can’t survive but I am still living this life. Suicide is a phase were some people may bounce back and some others may stuck there. Sometimes may be a person’s call or text may change our mood to happiness….


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