Advantages and disadvantages of using images in a blog

We all use images in our blogs. Images are a big part of a blog, especially blogs related to food, fashion, travel, photography, etc. If images are used according to necessity, they can enhance a blog, but if they are not used efficiently, they can be a roadblock for your blog. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using images in a blog.


1. The biggest advantage of using images in a blog is that images attract people. Who doesn’t like photos and pictures? When a person sees an image, he gets attracted automatically towards your blog.

2. Images make a blog beautiful and a beautiful blog attracts people.

3. Images can convey what words can’t. Words are powerful, but images are more powerful. Images can say what you can’t say with words.


1. The biggest disadvantage of using images in a blog is that it slows down your blog. When images are used in a blog, it takes time to load the page and affects the loading time of your blog. If you use too many images or high-resolution images, it slows down your blog. A blog that takes time to load may result in a decrease in the number of people visiting your blog.

2. If images are not used properly and according to the content, people might not like your content. Suppose you have used an image in your post, but it is not related to your content or doesn’t add value to your content or complementing your content, it will do more harm than good. It can happen that people may like your content, but they may not like the image you have used with your content that may discourage people to like your blog post despite having good content.

3. If you don’t use alternate text (alt text) for the images you use in your blog posts, it is high chances that search engines may not rank your blog that is not a good thing for your blog. Alt text is a short description of the image. Alt text helps visually impaired people to know about your image and it also helps search engines to rank websites. Even if you use alt text for images, it might do harm than good if you don’t describe the image properly. That is why you should use images very carefully in your blog.

Tips for using images in a blog

1. The first and the most important thing is that use images in your blog only if they are necessary and complementing your content. Don’t use images unnecessarily.

2. Always use alt text for the images that you use in your blog.

3. Reduce the size of the images you use in your blog. High-resolution images are larger in size and thus affect the loading time of the page. Try to minimize the number of images you want to use in your blog. Too many images also slow down your blog. Always keep in mind that if you reduce the size of an image too much, it affects the quality of the image that may result in low quality and blur images and such images may not be liked by people.

Always use images carefully in your blog.

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