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Writing is a tricky thing. Sometimes you can write in a few minutes while sometimes it takes days, months, or even years to write something.

Writing consists of two things, what to write and how to write. Both are equally difficult things. Sometimes you know how to write, but you don’t know what to write. Sometimes you know what to write, but you don’t know how to write it.

Sometimes you think of something and you write it easily because you are clear about what to write and how to write. When I have to write about my life and feelings or I have to just rant, I know what to write exactly and how to write it. But, it is always not the same case. Sometimes, you don’t know what to write about. You lack ideas. Sometimes, even if you have an idea, you find yourself unable to express it.

Sometimes, you sit down to write on a topic, but you end up writing on a different topic. Sometimes, you start with an idea and when you end up writing, you find that it has changed completely from what you have thought in starting.

Sometimes, you write raw and in a blunt manner. Sometimes, you write in a concealed manner. The way of expressing is also an art.

Writing involves various phases. First, it starts with an idea. You think about an idea about which you want to write. Then, you allow it to grow day by day. You keep adding and subtracting things to it. You keep refining it. It keeps evolving in your mind and finally when you think you are ready with your content, you write it.

Anyone can write, but it is an art to write beautifully. The way of writing separates an ordinary writer and an exceptional writer. The only vocabulary can’t make you an exceptional writer. There are various other things that make a writer outstanding. The first thing is how understandable your content is. If people can’t understand what you are writing, all your vocabulary is useless. Even if you are writing something which is very related to a particular field, it is your duty to make your readers understand it. The second thing is how relatable your content is. If your readers can’t connect with your content, they may not like your content. The most popular content is always the content with which readers feel connected to and which they understand. The third thing which makes you a good writer is how you present your content. Suppose, two writers write about rain, but you find one’s content beautiful while other’s one content just ordinary. The difference is their way of writing. How you express yourself makes you outstanding from others.

Writing is all about expressing yourself.

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