It is not a self-praising or self-boasting post. My only intention is to encourage more people to come forward to help others.

I always want to help others in some way. Whenever I die, I don’t want to die with regret that I am leaving this world without doing anything for others. I have ruined my life, but certainly, I can help others. When I will die, there must be a sense of relief and satisfaction that I have done something in life and my life wasn’t worthless.

I used to think that whenever I get the job and become financially independent, I will definitely help others. So last year, finally I got the job. I don’t get a high salary, but it can’t stop me from helping others. I decided to set up an online wallet to transfer money, but, due to my laziness, procrastinating habits, and some other reason, I couldn’t. Finally, in July this year, I set up an online wallet and started helping others with some amount which I have fixed for every month. I am glad that I have started this. It is giving me a sense of peace, relief, and satisfaction that I am able to help someone. I can’t express this feeling. I am determined to continue it. I will keep doing it as long as I can.

The purpose of writing this blog is to encourage more people. I know many of you already have been helping others in some way. It is not necessary that you help someone with money only. There are many other ways to help others. If you can educate underprivileged children, it is a very big thing in my opinion because education can change the entire life of someone and his or her family.

If you know some skill, you can teach them to make it a way of earning and run their livelihood.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


Many people give their time to help others or for a cause. I have huge respect for them. You can give money, but to give time from your life to others is a very big thing.

If you don’t have anything, you can help someone with your words also. If someone has become hopeless about his or her life, you can help them by giving hope that things will get better. Your words can save or change someone’s life also.

Hope is the last thing a person does before they are defeated.

Henry Rollins

It hurts when I see people living in poverty. They don’t have even the basic necessities of life like food, clothes, shelter, clean water, etc. Billions of people are homeless. Billions of people are living on footpaths, under the bridges, on roadsides, in slums, etc. Millions are suffering in war zones like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria. People are bound to live under the sky or in tents. There are countries where billions are living in the utmost poverty. In India, there is so much difference between rich and poor. You can see this paradox in India. In Mumbai, where the world’s 6th richest person (at present) Mukesh Ambani lives, you can see Dharavi, which is one of the biggest slums in the world.

It hurts when people die just because they don’t have money for the treatment. I myself faced this situation when I need the money, but I didn’t have the money. So, I can understand how it feels when you need money, but you don’t have the money. A little contribution of yours can save or change the life of a person. Suppose a child has cancer and it needs 15 lakhs for the treatment, but the family can’t afford it. So, you contribute 500 rupees and everyone else also contributes money in their capacity and it helps the family to raise 15 lakhs for the treatment of the child. Isn’t it amazing you saved a life by contributing 500 rupees? Isn’t it a big thing?

It is not necessary that you help people only. You can do something for the protection of animals, birds, and the environment. You can do something for a social cause.

Why don’t more people help? There may be a few reasons. First, they keep thinking that they will help but keep waiting for the right time. Let me tell you that there is always the right time for doing something good.

The second reason is that they think that other people are not nice or kind to them, why they should be kind to others. Let me tell you the world is like this. You should not stop being good just because other people are not nice or kind to you. You are good not to show others. You are good because you are good. Don’t expect others to be like you. Don’t expect anything in return. When you expect, you disappoint.

The third reason is that people keep waiting for someone else to help others. Don’t wait for others. If you want to do it, then do it.

The fourth reason is related to doubts and fears in the mind of people. They think that the person whom they want to help is genuine or not. They think ‘Isn’t the person fooling them’? People also don’t help because they fear from online frauds. Yes, their concern is very legit. If you want to help, but you have any doubts, you can contact the person directly. If you can’t contact the person then research online about it or gain information from different sources. Use reliable and trustworthy platforms for transferring money.

The few NGOs and fundraising platforms that you can help.

1. Kushiyaan Foundation

It is an NGO that is helping feeding and educating underprivileged children, empowering and educating women, and cleaning beaches.

2. Ketto

It is a crowdfunding platform for raising funds for medical treatment, NGOs, social and individual causes.

3. Uday Foundation

It is an NGO that feeds underprivileged patients and caregivers and provides clothes. It also provides sanitary napkins to underprivileged women.

You can research more about them online. You can help any other NGO or fundraising platform which you like.

Don’t think that your contribution is small and what it will change. No contribution is small or big, it is your intention, all that matters.

An ocean becomes an ocean with the help of drops.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something

Max Lucado

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Change takes time. Change starts with you. Your little help can change or save someone’s life.

There is only one life, make it worth it. Help others.

14 thoughts on “Help

    1. If we can be good, it is enough because there isn’t anything like BEST exists in the world. Everyone and everything has flaws and there is always remain a scope of doing better.


      1. Being Good Itself Is Not a Good Thing For Good Peoples. World Is Dark. Nobody Is Actually Poor Because Of us. Niether Poverty Creates Helplessness. If We Deeply Observe Lifes Of These Peoples We Can See An Entirely Different Image. But If You Believe In Something It Became Reality To You. So Keep Doing Good Work Atleast In Your Perspective.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog, thanks for putting things together. Totally agreed to your points. It’s true & Loved these lines “You are good not to show others. You are good because you are good. Don’t expect others to be like you. Don’t expect anything in return. When you expect, you disappoint.”


  2. The world is a better place because of these sentiments. Helping others with the purity of intention is closest thing to humanity. Enjoyed reading it. Great work 👍


  3. A really powerful, impactful post. I’m glad you’re able to help the world. Kudos to you for contributing to such noble causes. I firmly believe that a life lived for oneself is a life lived in vain. We all need to give back to the world in any way we can. It’s a dream of mine to be able to serve the nation in any way I can once I start earning. Your post has truly reaffirmed my intentions and has inspired me to begin working for it from now. Well done!


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