I can’t believe, my blog has crossed 10,000 views within one and a half years. I never thought that my blog will reach this milestone. When I started my blog, for the first 5 months, my blog hardly got any views. My blog used to get daily views that I could count on my fingers. On many days, my blog didn’t get a single view, but I didn’t give up. I am glad that I didn’t stop writing because of the lack of views, likes, and the number of followers. If there is one thing in life that I can proud of that is this blog because I have made it from scratch and have invested a lot of time and effort in this blog.

I want to thank all who made it possible. Firstly, I would like to thank WordPress for providing a free platform for people. It is an amazing platform to express yourself and your views. I also want to thank all the readers and followers who appreciated my blog. Without you people, it won’t be possible to achieve it.

To all those, who have just started blogging, I want to say ‘Don’t give up’. Blogging takes time, have patience. Keep writing, keep bettering yourself. Keep blogging.

Thanks to WordPress and all the readers.

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