I love South Indian movies

I love South Indian movies. Before I tell you why I love South Indian movies, I want to tell you the backstory of how I fall in love with South Indian movies. As a North Indian, I have grown up watching Bollywood movies. I love them, but nowadays Bollywood movies are made without any stories and emotions. I don’t feel connected with them. Most of them are just rubbish. Only a very few Bollywood movies turn out to be good.

In recent years, I observed that whenever you switch to movie channels, most of the time, you will see a South Indian movie playing on. I read somewhere that the reason behind this is that TRPs of South Indian movies are more than Bollywood movies. People like watching South Indian movies. Even many of the hit movies of Bollywood are actually remakes of South Indian movies.

As a North Indian, I had a misconception in my mind that South Indian movies are just all about action, but I was completely wrong. Till last year, I have watched only a few South Indian movies, but I liked them.

My love for South Indian movies started during the lockdown. I was at home for almost two and a half months. I was working from home, so I had enough time to watch movies. I thought to give a try to South Indian movies as most of the time only South Indian movies were playing on TV. After watching a few movies, I started liking them. I watched Baahubali: The Beginning, Bahubali 2: The Conclusion, KGF: Chapter 1, and I just loved them. I also watch many other South Indian movies and I liked them.

Now, I will tell you why I love South Indian movies. The best thing that I love about them is how they present love in their movies. They present love in the most beautiful and graceful way. I love, the love stories in South Indian movies. The love stories in South Indian movies are very touching and moving. The way they present love and emotions in love stories, you can feel it. You feel connected. The way they present small-small things and nuances in love stories makes love stories beautiful and relatable.

The second thing I love is storytelling. The way they tell the story keeps you engage. They tell the stories in an entertaining way. Even if the story is average, they tell the story in a way that you don’t feel bored.

I love the music of South Indian movies. As a music lover, I feel bad, how I didn’t listen to such beautiful songs for years. But, now I have started listening to them and I love them.

I also love the background music that they use in South Indian music.

I love the comedy in South Indian movies. The comedy in South Indian movies is of high quality and is really funny. It is not cheap and double meaning comedy.

I also like the action in South Indian movies. I agree that action in South Indian movies is quite over the top action, but it is a delight to watch it.

One thing I like about South Indian movies is that they encourage good things like moral values, respecting women, protecting the environment, etc. in their movies. They talk about various social issues in their movies. They don’t feel shy in promoting their culture and traditions in their movies.

The best thing about South Indian movies is that you can watch them with your families, unlike many Bollywood movies that have vulgarity and cheap comedy. Exceptions are in everything, but all in all, South Indian movies are far better than Bollywood movies.

South Indian movies may not have a big budget and big sets, but the passion of South Indian filmmakers for filmmaking is certainly more. This passion can be seen in their movies also. I will prefer to watch a South Indian movie over a Bollywood movie any day and anytime.

I have fallen in love with South Indian movies.

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