What I am listening today

If you are following me for some time, you may know that I love music. I am so into music. When no one was with me, music helped me to forget things and overcome the bad times. Music was with me all the time, whether it is good or bad.

What I am listening today is a Telugu song ‘Ninnu Kori’ from Telugu movie named also ‘Ninnu Kori’. So, how did I come to know about this song? For a few days, a movie promo was coming on a channel for World Television Premiere of this movie. I saw the promo and a tune just stuck in my mind. I loved that tune. I have a habit of finding a tune or song that I like that used in promos and commercials. I have found so many songs online that I heard in some promo or advertisements. You won’t believe, I found songs that I didn’t know anything about except two or three words that I heard in a promo or advertisement. I found songs from billions of songs available online using two or three words or a line that I heard.

So, I searched online and find that this is actually World Television Premiere of Hindi dubbed movie of a Telugu movie ‘Ninnu Kori’ which released in 2017. Its World Television Premiere was today at 12:00 pm. Though due to some reason, I couldn’t watch the movie.

‘Ninnu Kori’ is a beautiful love song. I have fallen in love with this song. It has just taken over me. It is soothing to listen to it. What a soulful song it is. I love the music, rhythm and beats of this song. It is beautifully sung by the singer Arun Gopan.

‘Ninnu Kori’ means ‘Wanting You/Seeking You’ in English. Though, it is a Telugu song, but you will love it as music is a universal language.

Though, I don’t understand Telugu, but I can feel the emotions. I am alone at home today and I am listening it loud on the speakers. Whenever I love a song so much, I listen it in a loop. Last night also, I was listening it in a loop.

I tried Google Translate, but some words even translator can’t understand. If anyone of you, know Telugu, please translate the lyrics for me in English.

English lyrics

Telugu lyrics

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