What I am listening today

Today, I am listening to a Hindi song ‘Rihaa’ in the loop. After such a long time, I have listened to a song that got me emotional and sad also. Maybe it is because I relate to it. What a beautiful and soulful song it is. It has beautiful lyrics and music. It is a very touching song. Its video is also very touching. Beautiful lyrics are written by Shloke Lal. It is beautifully sung and composed by Arijit Singh. What disappointed me is that this song hasn’t got the appreciation that it deserves. Trash songs get a million views, but such a beautiful song hasn’t got that much appreciation, it hurts. Listen to this song, you will fall in love with this song.

8 thoughts on “What I am listening today

  1. Hi! I just looked up this song and they lyrics are beautiful!! I especially loved the stanza that says, “Let my thirst be quenched by your beauty. Let me soak in your infinite kindness. My heart wants to sing with you; The song of my Soul.”
    My favorite artist in the history of the universe is also one of the underrated ones, so I feel your pain. Thank you so much for this!! I’ll feature you on my new music post this Saturday on http://www.thefangirlfulfilled.org 😊🤩😻😁


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