Those Christmas days

Christmas holds a special place in my heart. What makes Christmas more special, it falls in December and winter. I love both December and the season of winter. I studied in a missionary school till 2nd standard. Though it is a very short period, I can’t forget this school because it was my first school. First things always remain special in one’s life. As it was a missionary school run by the people of Kerala, they used to celebrate Christmas with full enthusiasm. The school was just 10 steps away from my home (Lucky me).  It was actually a house in which school used to run. On Christmas day, they used to decorate a Christmas tree in the school and sing Christmas carols. I used to go to the terrace of my home and watch the Christmas tree and listen to the Christmas carols. I can never forget those days.

I never thought that Christmas is a festival for Christians. Though I am Hindu, I always feel Christmas like any other festival of Hindus. In my opinion, festivals are celebrated to share happiness and happiness doesn’t belong to a particular religion.

After the 2nd standard, I had to leave that school as I got admission in another school which was also approx. just 400 meters away (Another time, lucky me). Though I moved to a new school, I used to enjoy Christmas day that was celebrated in an old school. After a few years, my old school relocated to a new place. With its relocation, it all ended. Now, there is no Christmas tree and Christmas carols. I really miss those Christmas days.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

8 thoughts on “Those Christmas days

  1. Such a loving memory to share with. I think you shouldn’t leave the Christmas spirits. Relocate it with you. 😄 And Merry Christmas.💥


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