Season of winter

The season of winter has its charm. There is no better feeling than just sleeping in a cozy quilt in winter. I don’t want to wake up ever. It suits me more because I am super lazy. I do things at the speed of a tortoise on holidays, especially in winter.

Waking up early in the winter and get ready for daily chores, school, college, or job is serious mental and physical torture. It should be declared a crime.

All I want to do is eat, sleep, watch TV, repeat in winters. I don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to lie in a cozy bed, eat the tastiest food, watch good movies and shows, sleep, and repeat it all over.

It feels good to have a cup of hot tea or coffee in winter. Tea and coffee taste better in the winter, isn’t it? It feels good to warm hands your hands by the fire in winter.

Getting up in the night to pee or drink water is one of the most irritating things to do in winter. If I have to pee, I just keep procrastinating until it gets necessary to relieve myself.

The thing I hate the most is to wake up early in the morning especially in winter. I just hate it. It feels like someone is taking revenge. On top of that, bathing in winter is another kind of torture. I prefer cold water because if you bathe with cold water, you will feel less cold after bathing. But I am not telling you to bathe with cold water (Try this stunt at your own risk). The most difficult step in bathing is the start. I just keep waiting to put the first mug of water on me. It feels like you don’t know any of the answers to the questions in the question paper and you keep thinking about how to start writing. The start is always a difficult thing in life.

One thing I like to do in winter is to sit in the sunlight. I like sunlight so much that I can sit in sunlight all day. I am not exaggerating or bragging at all. After sitting some time in the sunlight, I start feeling sleepy. I usually don’t sleep in the daytime, but sometimes I sleep after sitting in the sunlight. This is the best sleep you can have.

The season of winter should be declared a holiday.

Sleeping in a cozy bed in winter is bliss.

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