I love December

I love December. I don’t know why, but I feel good in December. I feel good vibes flowing in the air in December. Usually, people like the month of their birth. I am no different I love October as it is the month of my birth. December has a special place in my heart like October. My sister’s birthday come in December. I like the winter feeling. I like the Christmas feeling. December is a month of memories for me. December is a month of flashback. December is a month of introspection for me.

We used to make ‘Gajar ka halwa’ at home in winter. I just couldn’t wait to come back home from school and eat it.

December reminds me of my good old days, especially of school days. I used to play cricket with my friends even in freezing cold. During 10 days’ winter break, one of my friends and I used to play cricket at his home. These memories make me feel good.

December makes me sad too because I am bad at letting things go. I am bad at saying goodbye. I feel bad more about letting go of December rather than feeling good for a new year, but this is the way I am. Maybe this is because I am not a big fan of change. I like things in the way that they are.

I don’t why, but I love listening to Miley Cyrus’s song ‘Permanent December’ especially in December. It is one of my favorite songs.

December feeling is amazing.

5 thoughts on “I love December

  1. December is a beautiful month but where I live, there HAS to be a disaster every December 😅 Either a cyclone or an outrageous flood or so and so. It’s usually dark….


    1. It’s sad that you and your family have to face such disasters every year. I hope that you take the necessary precautions in such disasters. Do take care. May I know, where do you live?


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