Men are trash?

Men are trash. Men are so and so. Women keep saying this. I have just a few questions for women. Are all men trash? Are all men bad? Do you think the same about your father, brother, husband, and son also? Are they also trash? Can you generalize something for everyone?

It’s true that some men are bad and do really bad things to women, but it isn’t fair to call every man trash. Is every woman good?

Don’t women do bad things? Don’t women do immoral things like adultery, extramarital affair, etc. Don’t women do illegal things like committing crimes? Don’t women lie? Don’t women use men to get their work done? Don’t women take advantage of men? Why blame only men then? Why call only men trash then?

Don’t women misuse their rights and privileges? Don’t women take advantage of being women? Some women implicate men in false cases of rape, eve-teasing, dowry, etc. for many reasons. Isn’t it a bad thing to ruin the life and reputation of a man by implicating him in a false case? Can you give him back his lost life? Can you restore his lost reputation? Can you undo the damage done to his character by your false allegations? I am not saying every woman does that, but some women do that.

Don’t women abuse and use cuss words? I have seen many females on social media who abuse and use cuss words, but when someone abuses them, they get offended. Isn’t it hypocrisy?

Men help women more than women do. You can see men helping women around you. You may have seen men voluntarily giving their seats to women in trains, buses, etc. Many men are fighting for women’s rights. Many men are working for improving the lives and condition of women. Many men are doing good things for women. Are they also trash?

Some people are good and some are bad. Don’t generalize things.

Not all men are trash.

13 thoughts on “Men are trash?

  1. It’s always yin and yang. It’s not about being a man or a woman , what matters is who you are as a person. Your character. And that has absolutely nothing to do with gender. Period. Being a good human being is the only thing that matters.

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