What I am listening today

Today, I am listening to the background music of the Malayalam movie ‘Premam’. This BGM is named ‘Unfinished hope’. This week I watched the Telugu movie ‘Premam’ which is actually a remake of a Malayalam movie with the same name. It is a very heart-touching movie. It has a beautiful love story. I watched a … More What I am listening today

2 years of blogging

On 23rd February 2021, it has been 2 years since I started blogging. I never thought that I would come this far. There were so many random thoughts that were occupying my mind. There were too many things that I want to tell someone but no one was there to share my feelings. These things … More 2 years of blogging

Thank farmers

Who doesn’t like eating delicious food? Food for which you crave. Food that makes your mouth water. Food that is your comfort food. Food that makes you remember your home. Food is one of the necessities of life to live. You can’t live without it. Have you ever kept a fast? You start feeling hungry … More Thank farmers

Workplace politics

If you think that politics happen only in the field of politics, then you are wrong. Politics happens in the workplace also. When you start working in a workplace, you realize it. Some people discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, caste, gender, place, language, etc. in the workplace. If you are new in … More Workplace politics