What’s yours will find you

Have you ever felt that even after working hard and doing a lot of planning, things didn’t happen as you wanted them to be? Sometimes, you do everything you can do, but you don’t get the desired result. You can call it destiny, fate, luck, or whatever.

You plan many things in life, but it isn’t necessary that things will happen as you planned. If life could have been planned, everyone would have planned according to his or her way.

You can’t plan things like love and marriage. These things happen on their own and with time.

It is not necessary that the person whom you love also loves you. You can’t force love on someone.

Everyone has a match made for them. Someone who is meant for you is waiting for you somewhere. Your paths will cross somewhere. What’s yours will find its way back to you. It is predestined.

Sometimes, the person whom you wanted desperately in your life, leave while the person whom you never thought to be in your life, become a part of your life.

Life is completely unpredictable. Things you expect to happen., don’t happen and things you never thought will happen, unexpectedly happens. Sometimes, life takes a 360-degree turn. You end up with the same person, thing, place, etc. of which you lost the hope of getting back.

Give your best shot, but at the same time, you have to accept the fact that everything is not in your hands. Sometimes, you have to flow with the flow of life.

Everything happens for a reason. People come and go. People change. Circumstances change. Your way of thinking and seeing life change. You hold on to some things, you let go of some things. Every decision you take in life moves you closer to the people, things, and places that are destined for you.

Things happen when they are meant to happen. Don’t rush. Keep patience. What’s yours will find you.

What’s yours will find you.

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