Death of a pigeon

The most painful thing in life is death. You don’t know when, where, and how you will die. It is unpredictable and inevitable, but it is certain.

Like every day, I was working in the office. It is a two-floor building. I sit on the first floor. Pigeons keep flying there. Maybe they live there or they just come by chance. I don’t know where they come from. Maybe they come through windows, maybe there is an open space on the first floor or maybe they come through the ground floor.

Sometimes, they can’t find an exit place. Two times, I helped two pigeons to exit. They were trying to find an exit, but couldn’t find it. I pointed my finger towards the window to help them find the exit place.

In winter, there is no threat for pigeons as ceiling fans are not used, but now the heat has increased, ceiling fans are in use. The fear of pigeons hitting with the fans come true this week.

It was around 5 pm. There were only two persons up there, I and one of my seniors, everyone else had already gone home. Two pigeons were flying and fans were running. We were working, suddenly we heard a noise. A pigeon got hit with the fan, my senior immediately asked me to switched off the fan. The switch was 4-5 steps away from my seat. Before I stood up and switched off the fan, another pigeon got hit with the fan, but fortunately, that pigeon was safe. My senior thought that the first and second pigeon was the same. He said to me that the pigeon is safe, but I told him that there are two pigeons and the first one has fallen on the floor. I ran to the switch and switched off the fan. I looked on the floor to find the pigeon. I saw blood droplets, but I couldn’t find the pigeon. I knew that a pigeon got hit with the fan. I look around and found that the pigeon that was hit with the fan was lying under my seat. It was severely injured, but I couldn’t saw its injury as the pigeon was lying there hiding its injury. It seemed like the pigeon had a deep cut on its body. I was praying and hoping that the pigeon wasn’t severely injured and it would fly, but from seeing the blood droplets, I knew that I am hoping against hope. It could see it was in deep pain. It is like someone is lying and waiting for his last moment. It was unable to move and was just lying there. I was standing helpless, but couldn’t do anything. Within two minutes, it died. Another pigeon started making noise. I could sense that it was mourning the death of that pigeon. I felt bad and it made me sad. It made me realized that everyone has emotions whether it is humans, birds, or animals and death is the most painful moment in one’s life.

Death is a harsh reality of life.

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