Copycat culture

Nowadays, when you look around especially in India and you will see many boys and men having the same type of hairstyle, trimmed beard and mustache, having the same dressing sense, and having the competition to have abs and muscular body. Girls and women are not behind. Many of them can be seen with heavy … More Copycat culture


Nowadays, people have become very impatient. They lack patience. They can’t wait for even a few seconds or minutes. They want everything as soon as possible. They want that they become successful overnight. They want that they become rich overnight. You need to understand that things happen at their own pace and time, you need … More Impatience

My taste of music

Music has been my best friend throughout my life. Without music, I wouldn’t have been able to survive life. Whenever I feel sad and low, music comes to rescue me. Music is like food. Like everyone has different taste buds, everyone has a different taste of music. The taste of music differs from person to … More My taste of music