Got infected with COVID

It has been a long time since I write a post. I don’t know what is happening in my life. I am not able to figure out what to do with my life. Nowadays, I don’t like doing anything. I want to write and there is so much I want to tell, but I can’t find the courage to write it. I am feeling anxious. This year has been very bad for me since the beginning.

COVID-19 is killing thousands of people every day. Many have lost their dear ones due to Covid. It doesn’t seem like it is going anytime soon, so stay safe.

I too have got infected with Covid. Most probably I got infected at the workplace because I had a duty in Covid vaccination in a hospital. My work was to verify the details of people who came for vaccination and enter their information into the system. I had to deal with the people directly so it is most probably I got in contact with someone who was already infected with Covid. The problem with this Covid is that you don’t know immediately that you have got infected. Only after few days, you get to know about infection when symptoms start appearing.

First, I got a dry cough. I thought that it is just a cough. I got a fever in the night. My sense of smell got also affected. I got a sensation in my throat. I thought that it could be a sign of viral fever. But the next day when I returned from work and eat the food, I realized that I lost my sense of taste as well. Food was tasting bitter. I was feeling dizzy. Now, I knew that I may be having Covid. So, I decided to get myself tested for Covid. So, the next morning, I went to the hospital where I was working and get tested for Covid. I was praying that my Covid report shouldn’t come positive, but unfortunately, on next day, in the evening, I got the message that I have been found Covid positive.

Though, I hate medicines, but I started taking medicines for the treatment of Covid. I have taken even 18 pills in a day. Covid has taken a toll on my body. It made me physically weak. I lost my appetite. I have lost taste, so almost everything I eat tastes bitter. If this was not enough, my blood platelets have decreased to 45,000 which is very low. My hemoglobin has come to 9.8. As I am anemic since childhood, it didn’t bother me because last year my hemoglobin came to even 6.9. I am taking medication and still recovering.

I have few suggestions for all the people.

1. Don’t ignore symptoms. As soon as you start having symptoms, get yourself tested to know whether you are infected with Covid or not.

2. If you are found Covid positive, don’t panic at all. Panic increases your stress and anxiety and it may decrease your oxygen level. When I found I have Covid, I didn’t panic at all and you shouldn’t either.

3. As soon as you know that you are infected, the best thing is that go to the doctor and start taking medication.

4. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Drink a lot of water so you remain hydrated. Do physical activities like walking, jogging, and other exercises. Sit in sunlight for some time and get fresh air which is necessary for your lungs because Covid affects the lungs the most. Take proper sleep. Take care of hygiene. Keep your home clean. Avoid going outside and in crowded places if it is not necessary.

5. Wear a mask. Wash hands regularly. Get yourself and your family vaccinated. Keep yourself and your family safe.

This year has been very bad for me.

15 thoughts on “Got infected with COVID

  1. Things will be better, I am glad to know you are doing better now,❀❀❀ don’t worry about the blog posts, you will eventually get back your rhythm πŸ˜€ 😊


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