My taste of music

Music has been my best friend throughout my life. Without music, I wouldn’t have been able to survive life. Whenever I feel sad and low, music comes to rescue me.

Music is like food. Like everyone has different taste buds, everyone has a different taste of music. The taste of music differs from person to person. Those who have been following me for a long time know that I keep sharing what kind of music I listen to. It’s not that I don’t like popular or chart trending songs, I also like them but not very often. My taste of music is quite different. I listen to music which usually very few people listen to, but it doesn’t mean these songs or music is not good. Sometimes, a song despite being very good doesn’t become popular and get people’s attention just because it is not properly marketed while an average song becomes popular just because it is well marketed.

For me, music is the first thing in a song that hits the chord of my heart. If I like the music, melody, tunes, beats, I usually like the song. It doesn’t mean that I don’t listen to lyrics, I listen to lyrics also, but the music hits me first.

I like listening to Hindi, English, Punjabi, and South Indian songs. I have grown up listening to Bollywood songs. I like old songs more than new songs. Old songs are gold. There is no comparison between old songs and new songs. Old songs are gems with beautiful music and lyrics while nowadays songs feel like noise. I also like 90’s Bollywood songs. That was a completely different era with beautiful songs. And how can I forget 90’s and early 2000’s Indipop songs? I just love indipop songs of that era.

I don’t like the remake of songs. I don’t like when people just copy and paste someone else’s work and present it as theirs and ruin original work. I am a fan of originals.

I like all kinds of songs, but it depends on my mood what kind of music I want to listen to. If I am sad and feeling low, I like to listen to slow music. If I am happy, I like fast-paced songs. I also like listening to instrumental music like a violin, guitar, etc.

Music is peace to me. I can’t imagine my life without music.

Oh, music, without you, what would I have done?

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