Copycat culture

Nowadays, when you look around especially in India and you will see many boys and men having the same type of hairstyle, trimmed beard and mustache, having the same dressing sense, and having the competition to have abs and muscular body. Girls and women are not behind. Many of them can be seen with heavy makeup, having the same dressing sense, and competing against each other to have fair skin and the same body type. Seems like they all are just trying to imitate the celebrities and characters that they have seen in movies and shows or trying to copy people around them.

Nothing looks natural. They look fake. They look artificial. They look like clones. There is no naturality. There is no originality. There is no individuality.

There is nothing wrong with trying to look good, but for looking good, you need not imitate someone. You can look good by having your way of style and dressing sense. There is no need to copy someone.

There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from someone, but when you start imitating someone, copying their style, copying their dressing sense, copying their mannerism, accent, etc. you lose your own identity. You become a clone.

There is no harm in being fit, but don’t do that just to copy someone. It is not necessary that people having abs and muscular bodies are fit and people having no abs and muscular bodies are not fit. Can’t people with no abs and muscular bodies be fit or look handsome? It is all about your mindset and perception.

When the movie Kabir Singh came, boys, and men started buying Royal Enfield just to copy Shahid Kapoor without thinking about whether they or their parents can afford such an expensive bike. If you can afford it, it is fine, but if you are buying something just to copy someone, that’s a bad thing.

You are born with uniqueness. Why are you trying to become a clone of someone else? Why are you trying to be a copycat? Imitation makes you lose your identity and uniqueness. Your naturality makes you handsome or beautiful. Be original. Have your own identity. Don’t be a copycat.

Be you.

15 thoughts on “Copycat culture

  1. that is so true.. I was observing this for so many place. every person is unique in one or another way. cheers for speaking about it.

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  2. I agree with you that to look good you need not copy somebody. But the boys being crazy about Royale Enfiled is not because of Kabir Sing movie..the movie is inspired by the boys being crazy about Royale Enfield. Thanks to the great grandfathers who rode Royale Enfield.


  3. I read the first paragraph and laughed 😂 I read the first few sentences and liked the post immediately because I knew I was going to love it! Same hairstyle, same accent, etc.. lol. SERIOUSLY!! Social media is also a factor in that. This post includes so many rational observations about what’s prevalent in young people today. It sucks that people die to imitate celebrities. The Kabir Singh example was legit! Although this is a rather serious post, I had a good laugh at some of your observations because of how true they are 😄


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