She came in dream

Can you believe it? She came in a dream last night. Who she? She who said no. Butterflies in the stomach? Of course, who doesn’t have butterflies in the stomach, when someone whom you love, your favorite person comes in front of you?

Dreams are strange things. You can’t plan dreams. You can’t plan that you want to see a particular person or thing in your dream. You can’t plan that you want to see a particular dream. You have no control over dreams like you have no control over life. If I had control over dreams, I would have invited her to my dreams daily. God is really unfair. At least HE should have given control of your dreams in your hands. At least, you could have fulfilled the unfulfilled desires of your life in your dreams.

Before I told you about my dream, let me tell you few things related to my dream. I watched a movie this week. The movie was ‘A AA 2’ which is a Hindi dubbed version of a Telugu movie ‘Chal Mohan Ranga’. There is a mention of a book ‘Everything is a sign’ in the movie. I also believe in the belief ‘Everything is a sign’. I think everything that happens around us has a sign for us. Every sign has some message for us. Every sign tries to tell us something. You may have also noticed and experienced it in your life. If you pay attention, you will notice, things are happening around you and trying to give you a message. Have you noticed a word that you haven’t heard of for a long time, suddenly starts appearing frequently in front of you? Have you noticed that sometimes, particular people, things, words, digits, colors, etc. start appearing around you like in books, newspapers, advertisements, songs, movies, shows, on television, on the internet, on billboards, etc? It has happened to me many times. Even I wrote a blog ‘Strange thing‘ about such an incident that happened last year.

Do you remember yesterday I shared a song and I specifically mentioned two lines from the song that makes me feel low? The lines are

Kuch lamhe adhure hai,
Khawbon mein hi pure hai

Only today morning itself, I realized that how these lines came true in my dream. All this week, I was just thinking about her. She hasn’t talked to me since she said no. I was thinking that wish I hadn’t told her about my feelings. At least we could meet or talk then. It came true when I meet and talk to her in my dream. That is why I believe in ‘Everything is a sign’. Things are happening around you, you just don’t notice or realize it.

Now let me tell you about the dream that I saw last night. She just came for a few moments only like special appearances of someone in movies and shows. Indeed, she is special. The dream was she and I was returning from work. We were talking with each other. I don’t know what we were talking about, but I was feeling good talking to her. She had a notebook in her hand which she was carrying to give me. When we were about to reach my home, she stopped at the corner of the lane and said you go, I would wait here. I said, I am coming back after keeping the notebook at home. She gave me the notebook and I started running towards my home. When I reached home, I found a person there. I didn’t know him. I got busy with something, after some time I realized that she was waiting for me at the corner. How the hell I forgot her? I ran back to the corner of the lane, I found that she had already gone. I felt very bad. I kept her waiting. Then the dream continued with more random stuff and suddenly I woke up. I was happy though it was just momentary happiness. I was happy that at least she came in a dream and talked to me, but I felt bad how I forgot her in my dream. Is this some sign?

I have few questions in my mind. How the hell I forgot her when I keep remembering her all the time? What was in the notebook? Is there something written in the notebook or it was just blank? I think, she should have waited for me for some more time. Maybe she waited enough for me and when I didn’t return, she decided to go. Was she angry with me? Was she miffed at me? Has she forgotten me? Will she ever meet me again?

Is this dream trying to say something? Is this some sign for me? I am not able to understand it.

I am still hoping that something miraculous will happen and she will come back and say yes. I know that I am fooling myself, but it’s hard to make my heart understand that she is not going to come back. I am living with false hopes. I am hoping against hope. I am living in denial. I don’t want to accept the reality, but I have to accept that life is not a movie.

Do you believe that ‘Everything is a sign’?

9 thoughts on “She came in dream

  1. I do believe in it. But through all these years, I’ve come to accept that trying to understand our dreams and make out its meaning is useless. So I just wait and let things happen in their own way. Wishing you well ♥♥


  2. I do believe everything is a sign and everything happens for a reason. Yeah life is not a movie and sometimes things don’t work out the way we wanted but I think in the long run we’ll understand why they didn’t work out and there will be something better waiting for us out there.


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