Right age to get married

Before I start, I want to say that this post may make you anxious, but at the same time, it may provide clarity to your mind. Marriage is a complicated topic and everyone has different opinions about it. Therefore, what might suit one person may not necessarily suit others because everyone has a different life and has grown up in different circumstances and cultures. This post may be true in bits and pieces, but not necessarily true in its entirety.

Education takes away most of your years from your life. It takes on an average 21 years to complete your school education and graduate. The average age for completing graduation may vary depending upon when your education has started and the type and duration of the course or degree you have done. If you choose to continue your studies after graduation, it takes away more years from your life.

Nowadays, there is so much unemployment and competition that it has become very tough to get a job. Sometimes it takes years to get a job. Sometimes, by the time you complete your education and get a job, you don’t realize that you have reached your late twenties or crossed the age of 30.

Also, as age increases, it affects the fertility of both males and females. As age increases, it affects the quality and quantity of sperms and eggs in males and females. There might be a problem with having children. There might be problems like miscarriage and complications in pregnancy. There might be problems like birth defects, genetic disorders, etc. in children.

There’s also an emotional side attached to your marriage. Every parent has a desire to see their children get settled in life and married, when they are still alive. If we consider the average life of a person is 60 years. The late you marry, the late you will have children and by the time, your children get ready to marry, you may not be alive to see your children’s marriage.

Also, as your age increases, you experience life more and you become more mature so your thinking about marriage might change when you see marriages falling apart and many other things. It may make you reluctant to get married.

Marriage is one of the most important decisions in life. So, what’s the right age to get married? In my opinion, age between 23 to 28 is the right age to get married. So, what’s the right age to get married which is equally good for both males and females? The age of 25, 26, and 27 is the right age for both males and females to get married. It’s not too early and not too late either. So, you should marry in this time period? No, not at all until and unless you are ready to marry. You should marry in this time period only if you think you have settled and ready for marriage. And, most importantly, marry when you think you have found the right one whom you want to marry. If you are ready to marry then don’t delay it more because life is too unpredictable and you don’t know, what will happen in the future and what will be the circumstances. Remember, as days are passing, you are getting older, not younger. Whether you agree or not, everything has its time period. If you get something after the time when you needed it, it’s possible that you may no longer need it or you may no longer enjoy it.

I tried to cover different aspects related to marriage. I am sorry if this post made you anxious.

Marry only when you are ready for it and when you find the right one.

5 thoughts on “Right age to get married

  1. The topic of marriage does make me anxious. I’ve seen so many marriages falling apart, and so much of domestic abuse and stuff, that now, marriage makes me panic. In fact, I feel bad (it’s an impulse) when I hear that someone is getting married.

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  2. I hate how the Indian society prioritises marriage. One can live without it, unlike food, health or education. In my opinion, marriage is no longer a necessity. We have enough and more population to last us generations and keep the rate race going on. Just an opinion, though. Your article was wonderful! I liked how you emphasised this “Should you get married at that age? No! Not if you don’t feel ready.” Not marrying should be an option too and I hope the society grows to understand that.


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